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    By James Rothaar

    While the Internet has placed the world in the palms of our hands, your customers, prospects, and the competition also have those same tools. So, since all of us are in that same virtual boat, what does it take for the best of the best sales professionals to stay at the top?

    No matter how far we progress there is one benchmark that forever will be the singular most important criterion when rating sales professionals. It is about service they offer to their customers. It was then, is now, and will be moving forward.

    The best sales professionals are consummate service providers. It is their steady stream of helpfulness that makes them top earners. Every move they make either advances the sale or solidifies the business relationship.

    So, if you are looking for that differential advantage to distinguish yourself from the pack, pump up, go back to the basics and ensure that you are keeping up.

    Speed Matters

    The pace of the speed of reality has never run so frantically. But as much as things are changing, the basics tenants remain the same. The best sales professionals are always selling themselves right along with their products and services.

    Be Responsive

    With everything available being just a click away, the pace of reality has never been faster. So, if a customer calls, it is important to be responsive as speedily as possible. There is no downtime anymore. So, even if the response states nothing more than you will get on it and get back to them, make sure you do it right away.

    Being a prompt responder matters even more when you are dealing with a prospective customer. In many situations, two-thirds of the buying process is done prior to buyers getting involved with outside companies. So, when they call, they are ready to “push” that sale instead of pulling a slow-paced vendor into the process.

    Listen Thoughtfully

    The only way to resolve an issue or to solve a problem is to understand it thoroughly and then address it succinctly. Listening is not what you do when you are waiting to talk. It is one-half of the process of communicating effectively.

    If done correctly, it could be a difference maker that could turn out to be your greatest sales tool. Decision-makers know that you want their business. However, a sale is not going to be closed until a valid solution to their needs is presented.

    One of the best ways to prove that you weren’t just anxiously waiting to speak again, and to ensure that you actually are a good listener, is to summarize, clarify, restate, and double-check.

    Listening thoughtfully sounds like a pretty simple, straightforward task. After all, it is the part of the conversation when, if done correctly, everything you would need to know to close that sale is presented.

    Integrity Matters

    Regardless of the product or service that is being sold, the best sales professionals are always selling their character first and foremost. It is that extra perk or benefit that comes with dealing with them. It is the most valuable, intangible feature that will complement any sales presentation. Keep it intact and always in the ready position.

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