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    In January 2015 video streaming service Periscope was acquired by Twitter. Though the figures aren’t public, estimates put the deal at somewhere between $50 and $100 million.

    Now while this may seem small compared to Facebooks billion dollar purchase of Instagram, there is an important difference. This deal was struck before the app had even been publicly launched. A move like this means that Twitter saw something in the product that we should all pay attention to.

    Periscope was launched in March 2015, and in under a year has accumulated 10 million accounts and was also named Apple’s iPhone App of the Year.

    So what exactly is Periscope?

    Periscope is an app that gives users the option to live stream videos from their handheld devices. They have the ability to make the video public or private, and to tweet a link to the live stream in their twitter feeds.

    Periscope offers business owners a new level of intimacy with their audience, and looks like it will be as important a medium as Snapchat or Instagram. With the potential to facilitate live discussions and get feedback in real time, it offers a truly interactive event for your audience. Broadcasts are also saved on the app for 24 hours so people who missed the stream can watch a replay.

    This platform is unfiltered and unedited, which makes it very authentic. Here are some ways you can capitalize on the medium, build your brand and nurture the relationship you have with your customers.

    Customer Support. With Periscope you can have an interactive customer support service and answer questions live on video chat.

    Product Demos. If you’re about to launch a new product, what better way to build hype then a live product demo.

    Get customer feedback. You can turn the focus from being on you, to being on your audience. Ask them what they think about your new product or service. Facilitate conversations by asking them where they believe you can improve.

    Focus Groups. With the ability to make some broadcasts private, you can facilitate masterminds and focus groups. This is a great way to collaborate and

    Live testimonials. If you have a good relationship with a client, why not get them on one of your live streams. It will allow the audience to ask any questions they may have, and will provide you the greatest form of social proof.

    Just talk. Though it’s great to set a goal for each of your sessions, sometimes it’s good to just show your audience that you are a human being. Let them know how your day has been, what you’re thinking, what your plans are for the weekend.

    The next generation of marketing and media will be incredibly personal. Periscope is without a doubt a step in that direction.

    As the platform advances there will be other creative ways to leverage it. The examples above however are a great place to start. Make sure you consider the time zone that the bulk of your audience will be in, come up with a catchy title and have a clear intention set for each broadcast.

    And as always, don’t forget to share it on social media and encourage your followers to do the same.

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