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    Traditionally in the B2B brand marketing world, advertising and promoting your product meant sharing a lot of statistics and facts. While those are important to know and share, they don’t tend to get people excited or motivated to take action. If you want your business to be noticed and you want other businesses to be interested in doing business with you, you have to stand out. Storytelling is a great way to do that.

    Many B2B marketing agencies are finding great success using storytelling to market their clients. Storytelling as a form of marketing gets potential customers excited, gives your business a bit of personality and evokes emotion in your audience. Emotion is what ultimately will prompt your prospects to take action and purchase your product or service.

    There are many ways to use storytelling effectively to promote your business. A few easy ways to implement this into your marketing strategy includes:

    • Creating customer success stories and including testimonials. This has multiple benefits. You’re sharing how your product works, how much your customer likes your product and you’re keeping the reader interested.
    • Sharing stories about the company history – how it was founded, trials with early stages of your business, and any other interesting or compelling facts related to getting your company off the ground.
    • Featuring stories that highlight your employees. An employee of the month feature on your website or newsletter that provides personal information can make your employees, and your company by default, relatable to the readers.
    • Crafting authentic stories about your products. Similar to testimonials and success stories, these type of stories can get readers excited and interested in learning more about your company.
    • Contributing stories about a positive social impact that your company has made. Being philanthropic or charitable is very appealing to potential customers. It shows that your company has heart and character, again, personalizing your business a bit and making others more interested in doing business with you.

    Storytelling is a powerful form of communication that can work in any industry. It makes a lasting impression and helps to engage your audience. A well-told story will have people thinking about and talking about your brand for days, weeks, and possibly months to come.

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