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    You’ve heard it time and time again. People do business with people they know, like and trust. The truth is someone is more likely to connect with a business because colleagues or friends have recommended them than they are finding them through their website. Referrals coming from others in the same industry hold even more weight, as these colleagues know and understand the challenges that may be specific to your industry. You can improve your brand marketing with the right type of referral based incentives.

    So how do you build a referral-based business?

    Offer incentives to your customers for sharing and referring you to new customers. You want your incentive to be scaled accordingly – something small for simple referrals/leads, and something of value when a new customer signs a contract or makes a purchase through a referral. Typical ideas for referral gifts can be free services, discounts or gift certificates. Be aware of the difference between simple B2B lead generation and an actual referral. A lead is the name and contact information of an interested party. A referral is someone that is actually poised and ready to do business with you.

    Make sure your referral incentives are a part of your digital marketing strategies. They should be posted everywhere – share them on your website, your social media profiles and posts, the company blog, newsletter and any emails or customer mailings.

    Make the referral process easy for your customers. Provide them with business cards to share, brochures or postcards to hand out and a special link to a page on your site specifically for referrals.

    Learn to ask for referrals. Promote the fact that you reward your customers and clients for sharing your business.

    Have a plan in place to engage your newly referred customers. Engage newly referred customers with a series of informative emails or customer mailings or a special invitation to an event sponsored by your company.

    Encourage customers to become online brand advocates. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for many business owners engaging others online to get opinions on different vendors and providers. Going above and beyond for your customer base will ensure that the online conversation about your company is positive.

    Building your business through referrals can be a great addition to your other marketing efforts while providing a great return on investment.

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