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    Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

    By James Rothaar

    Many firms that operate in a B2B sales environment struggle with building an effective social media strategy.

    How many likes does it take to get someone in the market to contact me?

    How many tweets, re-tweets, and followers are required to qualify the time spent on social networks a valid lead-generating activity?

    Would posting a photograph of cute dogs around replacement parts for industrial machinery really result in more sales?

    Where is that sweet spot?

    Quantifying Results

    If you hire a B2B telemarketing firm to generate leads, measuring its cost-effectiveness boils down to number crunching. How many of those calls actually resulted in valid prospects? Did the ratio merit the expenditure? If your company attends a sales event or a business conference, the activity stemming from such an event also is measurable (and sometimes even immediate). However, when it comes to tapping digital marketing via social media, it is not as discernible or readily quantifiable.

    Ball of Confusion

    It could get even murkier with the 24/7 inundation of the latest news on social network platforms, content-sourcing modules, mobile apps, and broadcasting suites. Even the most savvy sales and marketing executives could become confused from being deluged with all this intelligence.

    According to a study released by the Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the “Big 3” used most often by B2B marketers to bolster their revenues via social media. However, before plunging into those waters and getting nothing more than wet for your efforts, it is vital to take it a step at a time, develop a plan, and apply a process.

    Creating a Value Proposition with Content

    Do you understand your market, and the type of content that would pique their interests? While your bottom line objective is to make more money, what goals are you seeking to achieve via a social media presence? Is the end game to build brand awareness, or to enhance how the market perceives your product? Are you trying to get subscribers to a newsletter?

    Creating Perceptible Value

    Defining why a company is using social media for marketing will enable an organization to develop and to source meaningful content. This provides an opportunity to offer solutions to situations that are unique to a market. It also will distinguish a firm from competitors and, if done correctly, leverage your level authority within an industry.

    However, if that sounds too complicated, try posting some images of dogs and cats for a while and see how that works out for you. Keep those mowing blades sharp!

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