Welcome to the SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales blog serving the Pacific Northwest as the most strategically-biased B2B Sales, B2B Telemarketing, B2B Telesales, Telemarketing Services and B2B Marketing Agency.  We gladly serve Bend, Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and all 50 United States. Partner with a client centric B2B Market Agency that puts skin in the game… from strategic Telemarketing Services to Experiential Event Marketing.

SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales is happy to announce their Pacific Northwest office now serving Portland, Oregon. We’re excited to join the diversity of Portland businesses, assisting them with their marketing and B2B Telemarketing needs.

SalesFish brings decades of proven experience and offers a unique blend of disruptive strategic brand marketing and B2B Telemarketing, B2B telesales and telemarketing services.

SalesFish is committed to providing a return on investment (ROI) for every client every time.  The SalesFish brand promise is to “Improve your Net” by providing overall ROI for our clients through a goal-oriented, disciplined and integrated approach to sales and marketing.

What differentiates SalesFish from other Portland marketing, B2B Telemarketing, B2B telesales, and telemarketing agencies is our FULLY integrated marketing and sales model.

As a world- class marketing and sales agency assisting Pacific Northwest and West Coast B2B companies seeking world-class B2B sales, telesales, telemarketing services, B2B Telemarketing and marketing services, SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales has provided over 60 billion dollars in quantifiable sales for our clients.

We know of NO other telemarketing, B2B telesales, B2B telemarketing or B2B marketing agencies serving the Portland area that can make such overwhelming claims.

The rationale into why SalesFish Brand Marketing and Sales can make such claims is because as sales and marketing agencies go, we provide B2B telesales, B2B Telemarketing and B2B sales.

We anticipate providing our disruptive sales model to other Portland B2B like-minded businesses, knowing that in a down economy, sales sell and clients are looking for a return on their brand marketing and sales investment.

Stay tuned! We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales, B2B Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, Interactive Agency, Digital Marketing Agency, Web Design Agency, B2B telemarketing, B2B Tele-Sales and B2B Insides Sales thank you for joining us in the commitment to unwavering strategic B2B marketing and sales.