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Strategic approach, recruitment, training and the discipline to stay high touch

Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’, but the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.

Roy Bartell

SalesFish Net of Sales Services:

  • B2B Direct Sales, Channel Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • On-Site B2B Presentation, Negotiation and Sales
  • B2B Outbound Telemarketing and Telesales Services
  • Cold Calls and Appointment Setting
  • Online Presentations and Webinars
  • Product Awareness and Announcement Calls
  • Primary Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys
  • Pre and Post-Event Calls
  • Audience Acquisition, Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship Sales
  • Cross Sell Strategies
  • B2B Email Marketing
  • Quality B2B Lead Generation

Why SalesFish?

What separates SalesFish from all other B2B telemarketing companies and telemarketing service providers is our strategic approach, recruitment, training and the discipline to stay “high touch” on each and every sales campaign.

At SalesFish, when we say “high touch” and strategic, we’re referring to a fully integrated process, which isn’t just about throwing a script together and handing it over to a sales agent while wishing them good luck.

We’re suggesting that nothing happens by accident and if you want to be a world-class sales organization, you’ll want to have strong competencies in both marketing and sales strategies. Since SalesFish is a fully integrated marketing and B2B sales agency, we understand the complete picture on how to create success… not just one piece of the sales equation. Ultimately, it’s about having a deep understanding of your target demographic, how they like to be communicated to and how to create relationships and overall credibility.

Our experience suggests that most people not only buy on the basis of benefits, but also relationships. Ask yourself the question: “when did I last buy from someone I disliked?” The answer is probably rarely. It is in the area of developing “buying relationships” that truly sets Salesfish apart. All our sales agents are seasoned, skilled professionals that understand the necessity of creating credibility and relationship.

The proof? SalesFish and its partners have generated over $30 billion in quantifiable sales for our clients. We know of no other agencies our size that can make such a bold claim.

As you might be aware, most outsourced sales companies work in a call center environment and are highly leveraged. This generally results in them being too transactional in their orientation and rarely strategic. They just don’t have the time to think strategically and function in a “high touch” environment when they’re spread so thin. That is another way that SalesFish is different.

All our B2B sales agents reside in the U.S. and are experienced B2B telesales professionals. They understand the complexities and challenges of today’s business market and are supported by SalesFish’s best-of-breed sales support technology. Salesfish is a SalesForce.com and LeadMaster.com user partner company.

At SalesFish we specialize specifically in “high touch” telemarketing and telesales call dispositions and B2B sales activities. So, whether we’re calling on channel partners, executing technology demos, cold calling, registering events, post-show follow-ups, sponsorships sales, exhibit sales, presentation appointments, or primary research, you’ll get the results you need.

And while SalesFish is a national company, with national reach, we’re very much at home in California and the Pacific Northwest, serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington businesses.

Call today and our team of experienced professionals will be happy to assist you in assessing your strategic sales goals and tailor our telesales and B2B telemarketing services to your specific needs.


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So you’re interested in B2B marketing, telemarketing and telemarketing services. We’re sure that you have begun to realize that there is no lack of bias among providers on the topic. Most try to sell you their service or services based on their particular offering or expertise, whether that be brand marketing, direct marketing, advertising, digital strategies, experiential event marketing, B2B telemarketing and/or telemarketing services. SalesFish takes an entirely different approach to B2B marketing, B2B telemarketing and telemarketing. We take the position that all these critical marketing and sales tactics are needful and necessary with this caveat: they need to be integrated and working together to maximize efficiency, impact and ROI.

In our experience, the area most organizations struggle with is integrating their marketing, telemarketing and sales departments. In a balanced and strategic approach to marketing; the telemarketing and sales functions should be synergistically interrelated.

We recognize and promote inside sales, telemarketing, and outside sales as the push in an organization’s sales effort. Conversely, marketing should provide the pull part of the sales equation.

The source of the disconnects between marketing, inside sales, telemarketing and sales departments? Well, marketing tends to have a weakness to consider that they know everything about the brand, so why hesitate to seek input from the telemarketing, inside sales and sales departments. Marketing also has a tendency to say to the telemarketing, inside sales and sales teams, “Ok, here’s what we want you to push, now go out there and make it happen.” Meanwhile the inside sales, telemarketing and sales team have experience on the front lines that generates an opinion about whether the product/service may be deficient and/or the messaging is off target. They wish they could say, “This product/service won’t sell and by the way, did you ever think to check with us regarding overall messaging? We just happen to be the ones with the responsibility for interfacing with our prospects and clients and we understand their needs.”

We understand this example might be a little extreme, but elements of the conversation are pretty typical of the tension between many inside sales, telemarketing and sales departments and their marketing counterparts. And in spite of this situation, most professional marketers, inside sales, telemarketing and sales professionals really do want an integrated environment that is healthy, happy and above all, profitable.

Into that mix we also have to add the IT component that is responsible for systems that can track the sales and marketing initiatives. They have their own agendas and often feel they need to recreate the wheel to validate their role and enhance their perceived value to the organization. At SalesFish, we embrace the challenge of assisting marketing, inside sales, telemarketing, sales and IT to serve the brand’s lead generation and sales initiatives…with the end game and ultimate goal being increased sales and bottom line profitability without unnecessary tension and drama.

At SalesFish our governing mantra is, “All roads must converge at lead generation.” Fundamental components to achieving that reality include: accurately crafting effective messaging, continuously and rigorously testing offers, embracing a “telling the hard truth” approach to accountability and reporting so that the inside sales, telemarketing, sales and marketing teams can perform at optimal levels.

Just to clarify, when we say inside sales, telemarketing, sales, and marketing and IT working together, we mean that the whole organization is sharing all critical prospect and customer data points, both qualitative and quantitative research, as well as candid frontline feedback from the sales team.

How do you make that collaboration happen? You have to take a frank, honest look at your organization, drop any self-serving platitudes that are obscuring reality, and make the commitment to completely integrate all of your marketing, sales, inside sales, telemarketing and partnered telemarketing service or services.

The most immediate benefit derived from integrating your marketing, inside sales, telemarketing, sales and IT departments is that now you have 360 degrees of control over all your lead generation processes. This is ‘holy grail’ for most organizations — having total control, transparency and ROI accountability over the lead generation processes. And that is what Salesfish is committed to delivering.

Remember, lead generation isn’t just telemarketing, it isn’t just marketing, it isn’t just sales — it’s the disciplined process of all these acumens working together for one goal. The result? Brand awareness, lead generation and bottom line profitable sales!!!

At SalesFish we look forward to being your full-service, integrated partner for all things brand marketing, telemarketing and sales. We would be happy to demonstrate to you how to successfully deploy a fully integrated and disciplined sales and marketing effort.

We’re not guaranteeing it will be painless… there are always a few bumps and bruises when you are building a great sales and marketing team. But, you will be able to sleep better, have fewer headaches, and look forward to coming to work in the morning, knowing that Salesfish has your back. After all you can now see a brighter, more secure future with more sales and more profitability!

Call today and our team of experienced professionals will be happy to assist you in assessing your strategic sales goals and tailor our telesales and telemarketing services to your specific needs.

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