Discover Your Promise

Our most valuable assets are our intangible assets.
Jack Welch


All great brands seek to behold a promise in the mind of their target market and customers.

The “Discover Your Promise” process is best described as a highly interactive, collaborative initiative designed to develop a brand promise that is compelling, differentiating and true. What separates the “Discover Your Promise” process from others is the unique collaborative component to the process. During a 1/2-day Promise workshop, SalesFish, Inc. staff and a facilitator work together with members of your team and decision makers to “uncover” what will become the foundation for all future corporate initiatives. The Promise, articulated in that session, will impact communications, operations, human relations, process and more.

Your promise is the pivotal thread to be woven into all sales, service and support experiences. The brand identifies who you are, while the promise expresses how you impact your customer’s world. Here are a few examples of powerful promises: “I promise that if you drive my car you will experience the Ultimate Driving Machine (BMW).” “I promise that if you wear my tennis shoes, you can Just Do It (Nike).” “I promise that if you shop at our store, you’ll find Always Low Prices, Always (WalMart).” “I promise that if you use our bank, you will find More Human Interest (Washington Mutual). And finally…who do we automatically think of when the words, “fast food” come to mind? McDonald’s forever owns the phrase, “fast food” in the mind of their target market, and no one will ever be able to displace it (so says the human mind). These examples of brand promises were discovered through a disciplined process, but more importantly, they’ve been executed by using a disciplined sales and marketing approach.

“No one ever pulled a rabbit out of the hat without putting one in first”.

  1. People relate to organizations, institutions and brands in the same way they relate to people. Here are several presuppositions about the promise…
  2. The promise answers the following questions: Who are you? What do you do? What’s your promise to me? Can I trust you?
  3. The promise is something people believe you will do for them, or be for them, every time they come in contact with your organization, products, or service.
  4. The promise creates trust and builds ongoing relationships when it is clearly understood and consistently experienced.
  5. The promise helps to anchor communications that are compelling, differentiating, and true.
  6. The promise moves people towards action.
  7. The promise increases response.
  8. The promise validates the ROI proposition of your communications.

If you’re interested in anchoring your brand and sales force to selling value rather than price, then we at the SalesFish team encourage you to start with “Discover Your Promise”.

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