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There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.
Brendan Behan

SalesFish’s Reel of Public Relations and Media Relations services include:

  • PR Media Placement
  • Media Relations
  • Media-Ready Materials Development
  • Positioning via Media
  • Media Training
  • Partnering with Celebrity and Athlete Spokespeople
  • Press Release Development and Distribution
  • Strategic Target Media List Development
  • Public Affairs Services
  • Online Public Relations via Social Media
  • Development of Speaker’s Bureaus
  • Media Coverage Perception Tracking and Analysis
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Tours
  • Multilingual and International Outreach
  • Target Trade Outreach
  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal PR as HR Function
At SalesFish we understand that in the world of integrated marketing, public relations (news) comes before advertising (any paid media).

Public relations and media relations bring the credibility to your brand’s story.

SalesFish recognizes that public relations are a key ingredient in the array of services we offer to our clients – with the differentiating factor being the establishment of third party endorsements. Our clients can use the most compelling language to refer to what it is they do, and we can get that messaging in front of their constituents and target market, but what about the news media?

Nothing quite drives a marketing campaign home quite like media coverage. The media…the very sources people turn to each morning for their news and information, delivering coverage of our clients’ happenings is more than the icing on the cake – it’s one of the key tenets of a disciplined integrated marketing campaign.

SalesFish considers its PR team and Public Relations Agency acumen a great asset to all of our Clients’ integrated marketing campaigns. We’ve implemented successful national and regional media placement and public exposure programs for a wide variety of categories and organizations.

The SalesFish PR team is a unique blend of PR professionals who have extensive experience in journalism, and backgrounds “on the other side of the fence” producing news programs and writing for the news media. This enables us to interface with editors, reporters and event producers on a level they appreciate and in a language they understand.

We maintain close relationships with the media on a statewide and national level and are in regular contact with many reporters at mainstream and specialty publications and programs.

Our investigational journalism training also enables us to be PR detectives. We can detect story angles which highlight aspects of clients that are interesting to journalists but might be considered mundane to the clients themselves.

For each client, we develop written background materials, pitch letters and media alerts–all in a style that makes sense to journalists and event producers.

We follow up personally with all media contacts, often working with the media to develop complex features about clients and include clients as experts in major trend stories. SalesFish PR clients are regularly called upon as informative experts by top national and regional journalists.

Follow-up is also one of the primary keys to our success with publicity generation. Interaction with the media is not the mere distribution of “news release” paper work to media, cold-call style — rather, it is the sharing of creative and useful concepts that grow into media placements which benefit the reporters and event producers as much as they benefit our clients.

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