Why Outsource B2B Sales, Telesales and Telemarketing (3.0)

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
Winston Churchill

Is your organization considering outsourcing any of its sales or marketing competencies? Are you looking to improve SALES and “Improve Your Net”? Do you want a cost-effective sales force that produces qualified leads using an innovative sales strategy? What about outsourcing sales and marketing without the fear of losing customers? Then we welcome you to consider SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales as your company’s elite direct inside sales resource (force). Our outsourced inside sales service proudly boast a proven track record of assisting companies in taking their organization to their next level of sales growth, through integrated marketing and direct B2B sales activities.

In today’s economy, the business climate is changing rapidly, and it’s difficult to keep up with the frequency of best business practice changes in a cost-effective way. To name just one example, technology is constantly and rapidly evolving as to what connection and interaction with your audience looks like. The tools and channels that worked yesterday might not work tomorrow because our society and our marketplaces (your target market) are in a “dynamic” state of change. This challenges organizations to realize the importance of becoming more efficient and really scrutinizing the value of their overall sales and marketing costs—not to mention the means by which they generate EVERY lead.

Getting the Most From Your Sales Processes

Direct Costs – Sales = Profitability (ROI), knowing this to be true is one thing, but to actually put the concept and understanding (analytics) of cost per lead and the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer into practice takes a disciplined and integrated marketing SALES approach.

Increasingly, companies are turning to cost-effective inside sales and outside sales outsourcing firms that specialize in more accountable, controlling, and responsive sales strategies. Outsourced inside sales are proven to be more efficient in terms of costs; an outsourced team is capable of maximizing the sales funnel while reducing overhead expenses.

At SalesFish, we keep our edge with our progressive sales 2.0 technologies as well as an on-going disciplined sales recruiting approach to tap into the very best talent. SalesFish provides world-class sales outsourcing for the most disruptive, emerging growth, and public B2B companies in any industry. We firmly believe that sales and marketing outsourcing is a strategic choice in any economy.

Measurable Benefits From an Outsourced Sales Team

Outsourced inside sales offer significant benefits for businesses of every size and type. These benefits include:

  • More efficient sales processes
  • Increases in qualified sales leads
  • More robust marketing strategies
  • Efficiency improvements in marketing automation
  • Advanced analytics, including data analysis, that helps your firm make tactical decisions based on business intelligence

Many businesses struggle with lead generation and lead qualification. An outsourced inside sales team offers substantial improvements in the ability to qualify leads, helping your company to save time, money, and work efforts with lead generation.

Outsourced inside sales teams are sales experts who work closely with your company to achieve your business goals. From identifying potential customers to strengthening relationships with existing customers, outsourcing inside sales does what an in house sales team cannot always accomplish.

Measurable Benefits

Today’s B2B Tactical Marketing Mix

  • Direct Sales 100% 100%
  • Digital Strategies & Lead Generation 70% 70%
  • Traditional Advertising & Direct Response 20% 20%

Today’s B2B Tactical Marketing Mix

  • Direct Sales 100%

  • Digital Strategies & Lead Generation 70%

  • Traditional Advertising & Direct Response 20%

If you’re not currently considering outsourcing your sales and/or marketing, let us humbly suggest that with the right U.S. based sales partner you will lower your cost to sale as well as add to your bottom line.

Outsourcing with a reputable U.S. company such as SalesFish would be a strategically wise option if you’re looking for maximum “high touch” impact in the U.S. markets. Why? Because, as a July, 2018 CNBC report says, “Hiring workers with knowledge of a local culture can help gain a competitive advantage and quickly achieve attractive profit margins” (The new outsourcing hot spots: More developing nation firms tap workers in US, Canada, Europe). In fact, many U.S. companies are bringing outsourcing work back to the U.S. because of a cultural disconnect between overseas outsource providers and domestic customers. Some foreign companies are even “reverse outsourcing” from places like India to the United States because of the need for a local presence, due to the pool of expertise and technical capability in the U.S., and for various other reasons.

Go Beyond the Inside Sales Team

We do realize that finding the right inside/outside sales team is no easy matter. We encourage you to choose cautiously and intelligently. This is why SalesFish is obsessive about its strategic sales and recruitment. You will find zero smile and dial sales professionals here at SalesFish. We only employ and deploy tenured sales professionals that have a minimum of 8-10 years of high performance B2B sales experience. And more importantly, our team is likeable; we again say this with humility, because at SalesFish we understand that people buy from people they like. Most successful professionals know that work is work, but why not have fun along the way and enjoy the sales ride (process) by being able to deal with the very best outsourced sales talent (people) and personnel on the planet, right?

So, why not focus on what your company or organization does best?

Ask yourself this question: does your company really plan to be the best at B2B Telesales, B2B Telemarketing, and/or B2B sales activities? We’re confident you already “get” that being great in any area of a business competency takes 100% commitment to be GREAT. In the immortal words of bestselling author Jim Collins of “Good-to-Great”: “…good is the enemy of GREAT.” Why? Because too many people and professionals settle for good. There is a better way; choose SalesFish as your expert sales & marketing partner, who will provide effective, pragmatic, high touch-ROI specialized direct sales and marketing activities, so your business operations and your sales are firing on all cylinders!

At SalesFish, we have a very biased and strategic belief that is an unwavering constant in the world of intellectual competencies and best practices: stay focused on what you do best and find the BEST partners to handle the rest! Our business as an outsourced partner, is to align with your team as a support to your B2B sales or marketing department.

Improving the Sales Process With Outsourced Sales Reps

Outsourced sales firms offer dramatic benefits, allowing your company to thrive even in competitive market conditions. Optimizing your sales processes with an outsourced inside sales team frees up time and money which can be used to do what you do best: grow your business.

Here’s how an outsourced sales firm improves the sales pipeline:

  • Lowering your cost per sale

  • Reducing your time to market

  • Avoiding recruitment or HR worries

  • Having an objective, third-party provider who can provide you with a fresh perspective and expose potential blind spots

  • Eliminating personnel headaches to manage

  • Reducing your need to keep abreast of technologies

  • Minimizing day-to-day administrative worries

With an outsourced sales solution, you’ll have a world-class sales and marketing engine to power you forward. Your only concern will be driving the business and making sure you have the right products and services to fuel your profitability. Our job will be to provide the supercharged sales engine that will push you to your next level of growth again and again!

If our thinking resonates with you, and if you have a simple sale, complex sale or sophisticated sale (we eat for lunch), welcome to SalesFish! We are your “high touch” B2B Telemarketing Services, B2B Inside Sales, B2B Telemarketing and B2B Telesales elite sales force. We work with B2B Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Government, Manufacturing, Legal, Businesses Services, Experiential Event Marketing companies and the like…

We invite you to Improve Your Net of qualified leads and ROI…

Call today and our dedicated, responsive, full-time sales team will assist you in assessing your strategic next level of sales and growth! We’re not just a vendor; our team brings core competencies and advanced sales programs to your sales development processes, allowing you to maximize customer acquisition in existing markets as well as new markets.

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Sales success is only a phone call away. SalesFish is the premier sales outsourcing partner, giving you competitive advantages that supercharge your sales efforts. We welcome the chance to cast your net in the area of B2B Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services and Sales Activities. Catch More!

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We welcome the chance to cast your net in the area of B2B Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services and Sales Activities. Catch More!