SalesFish is a sales-driven, results-oriented, strategic B2B brand marketing and telemarketing (sales) agency.

Results Oriented

In today’s business environment “results” talk and everything else walks. And results are what SalesFish is all about.

Strategically-based B2B Sales & Marketing

If you need traditional or “disruptive” B2B marketing tactics, digital strategies, B2B lead generation or event marketing and management, SalesFish is able to help.

Bob’s big sales dilemma

SalesFish is a sales-driven, results-oriented, strategic B2B Sales, Telemarketing and B2B Marketing Agency

In today’s business environment “results” talk and everything else walks. And results are what SalesFish is all about. Just ask the clients we have helped to generate over $30 billion dollars in quantifiable sales for. (And no, that is not a typo!)

SalesFish is a sales-driven, results-oriented, strategic B2B brand marketing and telemarketing (sales) agency. So, whether your need is traditional or “disruptive” B2B marketing tactics, digital strategies, B2B lead generation or event marketing and management, SalesFish is ready and able to help you achieve and exceed all your B2B marketing and telesales goals.

And while SalesFish is a national company, with national reach, we’re very much at home in California and the Pacific Northwest. We love serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle businesses.

So if your goal is increased sales, give us a call. We’ll help you improve your net!


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What We Offer

If you’re a seasoned marketing and sales practitioner, it’s safe to say that you’ve seen your fair share of failures. Some of these have come by way of marketing and sales partnerships that you didn’t have full control over or didn’t deliver what was promised.

We established SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales for the sole purpose of enabling you to perform your job at the highest level without ever having to look over your shoulder, or ever doubt your marketing and sales partner’s commitment to you!

Our agency promises that we will do what we say 100% of the time.

We can make that promise because we have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives. We are focused on one thing, and one thing only – developing the most mutually profitable marketing and sales relationship possible with our clients.

If a sales or marketing tactic doesn’t make sales sense, then we don’t recommend it just for the sake of inflating our billings. We just aren’t wired that way.

We like to say, “We are you and you are us.” That means we toss all the usual partnership platitudes in the round file…we’re either all in or we’re out.  It’s why SalesFish boasts that we only take on a select number of clients, which allows us to maintain maximum accessibility and ensure best practices in everything we do. 

Interested in a different kind of marketing and sales partnership?

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SalesFish is very proud of our brand persona; it is in fact the secret to our success. We’ve created a lifestyle company that promotes family, creativity, self-discipline, transparency, accountability, and having fun. Most marketing agencies and their people are highly leveraged and under a tremendous amount of stress. As a consequence they don’t get the very best out of their talent, and you don’t get the very best out of your partnership with them.

At SalesFish we manage our growth and our commitments. That way our staff maintains a healthy life/work balance, which in turn PRODUCES more overall sales and marketing productivity for our clients.

As cliché as it may sound, the SalesFish business model is predicated on the quality of our clients, not the quantity of them.  This ensures that the concept of partnership and fanatical customer service remains true day in and day out.

“Moving people, companies and organization to their next level of profitability and growth”

Our objective is to consistently serve the right number of clients to maintain radical customer service and extreme profitability, whereby both parties, client and agency, benefit  from long term growth.

Our goal is to not only to capture repeat business, but retain clients for LIFE….

SalesFish at a Glance-

B2B Sales, Telesales & Telemarketing

If you’re looking for a sales partner who acts more like a business partner then look no further. 

SalesFish is a world-class sales agency specializing in “high touch” complex call dispositions.  We specialize in the type of calls that you can’t afford to have a $10/hr smile-and-dial telemarketer (organization) working on. 

As a matter of fact, at SalesFish we prefer not to use the word ‘telemarketing,’ due to its unfortunately negative connotations. Instead we prefer the phrase “inside sales and sales activities”.  At SalesFish we only hire sales professionals who are high income earners and who have a proven track record of sales success and generating income.  If there’s one consistent truth about sales superstars who know how to make money, it’s that you can count on them to want to make more of it.  That’s the SalesFish Team!

So, if you’re looking to take your sales activities and sales goals to the next level, then we enthusiastically encourage you to make the call and jump into “The Pond”…

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B2B Digital Marketing, Lead Generation and Direct Response

When we talk about the discipline of marketing and sales, what’s your ultimate goal (end game) in implementing these most critical business tactics? The answer — SALES. 

In the world of best business practices, marketing is considered the pull and sales is the push, which means marketing’s goal should be to bring in leads for the sales team to push. In a perfect sales environment this is called an integrated marketing approach. 

Naturally, the sales team will continue to do their own prospecting and direct sales, but marketing is also supposed to continuously be striving to provide the sales team with warmer leads, thus easing the burden of 100% cold calls. In turn, by creating an integrated marketing approach, you will eventually lower your cost per lead and sale, making you a hero, possibly even a legend in your own time! Seriously though…your success is a reflection of the fact that the cost of a direct sale working alone is much higher, with a corresponding negative impact on your bottom line.

This is why SalesFish always advocates an integrated marketing and sales strategy. Our on-going motto will always remain the same – all roads at SalesFish must lead to lead generation and bottom line sales. 

Keeping this in mind, SalesFish specializes in every facet of the tactical marketing mix, whether it’s traditional branding, PR, advertising, direct response, digital branding (websites), search engine optimization, search engine marketing and/or experiential event marketing. SalesFish is there to support YOU the marketing and sales practioner by giving you complete control and integration over all your marketing and sales initiatives. So, the next time you are preaching cost per lead to your team, you’ll actually be able to quantify and back up your message.

We invite you to be a hero and enjoy the SalesFish difference…

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Improve Your Net

The formal definition of branding involves the emotional tie one has with your product or service. This means disciplined brands always seek to implant a specific promise in the mind of their target markets. 

i.e…I promise if you wear my shoes you can “Just Do It” or if you use Apple products you will “Think Different”, which implies that you are progressive and will become a creative genius. 

Every premium brand in the world understands the power of promise, so much so that they invest billions of dollars into making sure we the market are “impressed” and no other competitive brand can displace their promise in the mind of their target market.

In the world of branding, your corporate identity and your brand promise are your intellectual properties. For instance if you took the Coca Cola logo and tagline away, which is valued in the billions, what would you be left with?  Brown sugar water!

The reason we like to share and remind companies so much about the power of promise, is because it’s what SELLS! 

Your promise which is to be considered part of your unique value proposition, is the very foundation of all things marketing and sales related. 

Once you’ve identified and committed to investing in your brand promise everything moving forward should be about staying focused on the voice and personality of your promise. This allows you to say NO to peripheral marketing distractions that take your brand off course.

Our promise at SalesFish is to “Improve Your Net”, SalesFish and their sister companies have held true to this promise for almost two decades. 

We welcome the opportunity for you to test our promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with every kind of B2B client, whether it’s manufacturing, business services, financial services, non-profit, medical device, technologies etc…

Our main criteria when looking to partner with a client is, do they “get it”, as in our business model, as well as do they understand the process of what it takes to be GREAT?

We also look to partner with great products and great people!

What is your turn around time?

Our turnaround times vary depending at what level you become a client, or what level you’re already at, before you become a client. You’re usually looking at anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on the type of activities we’re implementing. If we’re setting up for sales, it’s usually 3 weeks, and if there’s marketing platforms to be built prior to launching sales activities, then you could be looking at 2 to 3 months.

What has SalesFish learned about success?

Bottom line…

Success doesn’t happen by accident!

It takes a clearly defined strategy, operational discipline, trained and experienced people and a collaborative, integrated culture.

One of our “best practice” mantras is: start small, phase in, secure quick wins, measure for success and build for scalability.

We’ve also learned to pick our clients carefully. We only work with a select number of clients who are dedicated to developing world-class business models and brands.

How would we work together?

Our success can be directly attributed to the collaborative approach we take with our clients.

We carefully merge our expertise and capabilities with your experience and internal resources to ensure the greatest efficiency and productivity – regardless of the assignment.

This is one of the reasons we carefully select our clients. We want to secure the cultural alignment that will assure we have the time and incentive to “go deep.”

What are some of the common challenges you face with clients?

Here are some of the challenges we work through regularly:

  • Realistic Objectives – Everyone wants ‘toasted ice”, i.e. the virtually unobtainable for the impossibly inexpensive. We will always set reasonable, obtainable objectives for your project.
  • Time and Timing – we understand that it usually takes longer than expected to be successful so we will always be upfront and honest about what can be accomplished in a certain timeframe.
  • People – we always want to be sure that there are sufficient dedicated resources, on both sides of the table, to ensure success.
  • Budget – we know how to maximize your spend, but often clients haven’t calculated enough budget for the scope, timing and division of labor on the project. We can help with that.

Today’s B2B Tactical Marketing Mix

  • Direct Sales 100% 100%
  • Digital Strategies & Lead Generation 70% 70%
  • Traditional Advertising & Direct Response 20% 20%

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

As said by one of the best, “Most agencies’ stock-in-trade includes ethnic humor, eccentric art direction, contempt for research, and their self-proclaimed genius. They’re seldom found out, because they gravitate to the kind of clients who, bamboozled by their rhetoric, do not hold them responsible for sales results.”

David Ogilvy

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.

Peter Drucker