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Strategic approach, recruitment, training and the discipline to stay high touch

Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’, but the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.

Roy Bartell

SalesFish Net of Sales Services:

  • B2B Direct Sales, Channel Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • On-Site B2B Presentation, Negotiation and Sales
  • B2B Outbound Telemarketing and Telesales Services
  • Cold Calls and Appointment Setting
  • Online Presentations and Webinars
  • Product Awareness and Announcement Calls
  • Primary Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys
  • Pre and Post-Event Calls
  • Audience Acquisition, Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship Sales
  • Cross Sell Strategies
  • B2B Email Marketing
  • Quality B2B Lead Generation

Choose SalesFish as Your B2B Telemarketing Company

Several vital elements set SalesFish apart from the many U.S.-based B2B outsourced telemarketing companies and telemarketing service providers. Integrated concepts, superior personnel, exceptional outbound calls training and strong client focus result in highly successful sales campaigns.

At SalesFish, our strategic approach refers to a fully integrated process, not just rehashing an outdated cold calling script for each sales agent and hoping for the best.

SalesFish’s Outbound Telemarketing Services

Nothing happens by accident, and if you want to be a world-class sales and services organization and industry leader, you must maintain strong competencies in both marketing and sales strategies for B2B lead generation. As an integrated marketing and B2B sales agency, Salesfish grasps the overall concept of creating success … not just a single element of the balance between sales and telemarketing services. Ultimately, it’s delving into the demographics of your target market, developing communications these decision-makers appreciate and creating relationships and overall credibility.

Our experience suggests most people buy not only because of benefits but also based on relationships. If you ask yourself when you last bought from someone you disliked or mistrusted, the probable answer is rarely.

Developing buyer trust and building relationships set SalesFish apart. Our team are seasoned, skilled professionals who comprehend the importance of building credibility and nurturing relationships with frequent and reliable customer support services.

We take pride in the telemarketing training we provide each outbound calling agent and service team member. We emphasize cold calling skills and provide tools to nurture potential clients and take them on a buying journey that closes sales, makes appointments, improves service, fosters brand advocates and garners results. The companies with which we work immediately recognize what distinguishes us in the telemarketing and call center space. Relationship-building is the core of our strategy and the services we provide — from brand marketing to telemarketing services to call center solutions and sales — and our success.

The proof? SalesFish and its partners have generated over $30 billion in quantifiable sales for our clients. We know of no other digital or telemarketing agencies or companies our size that can make such a bold claim.

Most outsourced sales telemarketer companies work in a highly leveraged call center environment. They are rarely strategic in the service offered and work off a general script that isn’t tailored to the company’s strategy or integrated with other departments in the business. Companies today look to develop relationships in an environment where personalized touchpoints and establishing trust deliver results. Most call center companies don’t think strategically or function in a high-touch environment when they’re spread thin, but SalesFish provides proven services resulting in quality leads.

In addition, our B2B sales agents reside in the United States and are experienced B2B telemarketing professionals. (Note: B2C telemarketing involves a different approach). With SalesFish, you are not working with a call center abroad that is unfamiliar with the cultural nuances of companies in different parts of the U.S. Our sales agents understand the complexities and challenges of today’s business market, particularly where remote work and virtual sales are the new norms and telemarketing services offer a real advantage.

Other Sales Center Services

Our sales and services teams are supported by SalesFish’s best-of-breed sales technology. SalesFish is a SalesForce.com and LeadMaster.com user partner company. This technology enables us to pinpoint and nurture leads and personalize our marketing approach based on collaboration with the companies contracting our marketing, B2B telemarketing services and call center services.

We follow up by tracking leads and appointments and provide reports of telemarketing campaigns and services. When providing telemarketing services for a client’s existing customers for appointment-setting, cross-selling, up-selling and relationship-building, we’re able to track invaluable feedback for improvements to existing products and services, as well as those in incubation.

At SalesFish, we specialize in high-touch telemarketing and telesales call dispositions and B2B sales activities with personal attention to each prospect. Whether we’re contacting channel partners for our clients, cold calling prospects, demonstrating technology innovations, completing event registrations, handling follow-ups after shows, soliciting sponsorships and exhibit sales, setting up presentation appointments or conducting research to enrich customer service, you get outstanding results.

While SalesFish is a national company with reach across the United States, we’re at home in California and the Pacific Northwest, providing telemarketing services to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Call today, and our experienced telemarketing team can give you professional assistance with developing strategic sales goals and dovetailing our telesales and B2B telemarketing services to fit your particular requirements.


Acclaimed B2B Telemarketing Company and Integrated Call Center Marketing Services

The power of B2B Telemarketing and Marketing working together!

Once you recognize the value of outsourced B2B telemarketing call center services, including customer support, appointment setting, lead generation and cold calling, you probably realize there’s no lack of bias among providers. Based on their expertise, they push their most popular telemarketing or center services, such as advertising, direct marketing, B2B telemarketing or B2C telemarketing and marketing of brands, digital strategies and experiential events.


Acclaimed B2B Telemarketing Company and Integrated Call Center Marketing Services

The power of B2B Telemarketing and Marketing working together!


Bob’s big sales dilemma

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    SalesFish Concept

    This is not the approach to B2B marketing and outsourced telemarketing that SalesFish follows. We maintain these critical marketing and sales tactics are required and necessary with this caveat: They must be integrated and work together to maximize efficiency, impact and ROI. Its multiple approaches leverage various platforms to reach prospects and turn them into customers and advocates.

    Outsourcing improves efficiency, saves time and effort, and provides superior service. Our telemarketing experts know what it takes to deliver the best telemarketing service for your budget time and again. With the services offered by SalesFish, you can improve your bottom line with a sales process proven to produce results. Outbound and inbound services are only some of the many features of our business process outsourcing solutions. Call SalesFish today for a free quote or to learn more about our outbound telemarketing services.

    Typical Issues

    Most companies struggle with integrating their marketing, telemarketing service efforts and sales departments. SalesFish utilizes a strategic process that balances and synergistically integrates the outsourced telemarketing services and sales functions for optimal results in generating leads, acquiring interested new clients and providing great customer service.

    We recognize and promote inside sales, telemarketing services and outside sales as the push in an organization’s sales effort. Conversely, marketing should provide the pull part of the equation.

    Conflict Causes

    What is the typical source for disconnect among marketing, inside sales, outbound telemarketing services by outside providers and sales departments? In many businesses, marketing departments tend to believe they know everything about the brand, products and services provided, the need for B2B telemarketing and a call center service provider, appointment setting, the effectiveness of each team and whether IT and the back office can support these efforts. As a result, marketing seldom seeks input from the telemarketing team, inside sales team, and sales departments when developing campaigns.

    Marketing may say to these teams, “Okay, here’s what to push, now go out and make it happen.” Meanwhile, the inside sales, telemarketing company and sales team possess experience on the front lines. Their first-hand knowledge reveals whether a product or service is deficient or if the messaging requires tweaking.

    These three critical entities — inside sales, telemarketing service/call center service providers and sales teams — wish they could say, “This won’t sell, and by the way, did you think to check with us regarding messaging? We interface with prospects, understand their needs, and know what services and customer support they expect.”

    We understand this example might be extreme, but elements of the above conversation characterize the tension between many inside sales, telemarketing companies and sales departments and their marketing counterparts. Despite this, most of these professionals really do want an integrated environment that is healthy, happy, and above all, profitable.

    Joint Efforts

    Let’s not forget to add the IT and back-office components responsible for systems tracking the telemarketing, call center, sales and marketing initiatives. They may want to validate their resources and enhance their perceived value to the organization.

    At US based SalesFish, we embrace the challenge of assisting various departments to all contribute to the brand’s lead generation and sales initiatives … with the end game and ultimate goal of increased sales and bottom-line profitability for clients without unnecessary tension and drama.

    At SalesFish, our governing mantra is “All roads must converge at lead generation.” Achieving that reality includes:

    • Effective messaging

    • Continuously and rigorously testing offers

    • Embracing a “telling the hard truth” approach to accountability and reporting so all entities perform at optimal levels

    Just to clarify, when we say inside sales, B2B telemarketing, sales, marketing and IT are working together, we mean the whole organization is sharing all critical prospect and customer data points, qualitative and quantitative market research and candid front-line feedback from the sales team.

    Building Cooperation

    How do you make that collaboration happen? Take a frank, honest look at your organization, drop any self-serving platitudes obscuring reality and commit to complete integration of all of your marketing, sales, and outsourced telemarketing service. Our telemarketing service is designed to identify prospective buyers and handle all aspects of the customer contact process, including the ability to set appointments, gain access to new customer pools, and improve customer satisfaction. With outsourcing of telemarketing sales and call center outsourcing, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

    The most immediate benefit is 360 degrees of control over your lead-generation and appointment-setting processes and other marketing and sales services. This is the ‘holy grail’ for most organizations and decision-makers — achieving complete control, honest and open communication and accountability for ROI with lead-generation and services processes. As a marketing and telemarketing services supplier, SalesFish is dedicated to providing these benefits.

    We can keep this commitment because our superior outbound calling personnel offer best-in-class telemarketing and call center outsourcing services for common industries. We focus on mastering our client’s product and service information and working with each department to build interest in the brand’s message, effectively relate the client’s story and incorporate numerous marketing approaches to meet objectives. Remember, lead generation isn’t just the telemarketing team and call center services, it isn’t just marketing, it isn’t just sales — it’s the disciplined process of working together for one business, one goal and one success rate. The result? Building brand awareness, lead generation, appointment setting, enhanced customer service and bottom-line profitable sales!

    Quality Contact Solutions

    At SalesFish, we look forward to becoming your full-service, integrated partner for all things brand marketing, telemarketing and sales services. We’re eager to share our marketing experience so you can develop an integrated sales and marketing strategy for customer acquisition that includes telemarketing to your target market as one of its modalities.

    Our experienced outbound telemarketing services teams identify your ideal target audience, then develops contact solution that generate enhanced lead generation and lead qualification.

    We’re not guaranteeing this business process for reaching interested potential clients will be effortless. Building a great sales and marketing team does not happen without challenges along the way. However, you can sleep better, save time, and look forward to work, knowing the SalesFish team has your back. A brighter, more secure future awaits with better service, experienced outbound calling, qualified leads, more customers and more profitability!

    Call our team of experienced B2B outbound telemarketing services professionals today. They are eager to assist you with your strategic goals and can adapt our telesales and telemarketing services to your unique requirements. Our turnkey outbound services are designed to cover all your telemarketing needs. With quality contact solutions as part of our service delivery model, we build the customer relationships that help you succeed in competitive marketplaces.

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