Careers at the Pond

Come Swim in the SalesFish Pond!

We are ALWAYS looking for great Virtual Sales Agents to “stock” our talent pool. If the below criteria fits or almost fits what you are looking for, throw us a “line” telling us your fish stories and why you think you could thrive in our environment.

Benefits of swimming with the Fish

  • Must work a minimum of 25 hours per week during normal business hours
  • Work/life balance… yes, it can exist
  • Training/mentoring without the scare tactics… err… motivational tactics of most inside sales jobs
  • Assignment variety
  • Competitive hourly pay with bonus for achieving set objectives

The minimum you will need to jump in the Pond

  • Minimum of 7 years inside sales experience calling on B2B customers
  • Gatekeeper avoidance ability… our customers pay us to get through the gatekeeper… we must deliver that to them on a consistent basis
  • You are a stealthy information-gathering machine that grabs what they need before the prospect knows what hit them
  • You know how to go for the close, when to go for the close and how to close
  • Being open to coaching/training is a must, we will give you all the support and help you need… you will be open enough to accept and apply the information
  • Be ethical in all your daily activities

Make sure you attach a Word Document of your resume, with a good number and email where we can contact you. Email your resumes to [email protected].

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