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Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy.
O. B. Smith

Welcome to SaleFish and the world of “high touch” B2B Inside Sales, B2B Telemarketing and B2B Tele-Sales.

You’ve sales goals to meet, a new product launch coming up and or would like to keep your sales force focused on more profitable tasks. We have a great strategically biased solution; hire SaleFish to handle all your outsourced B2B Inside Sales, B2B Telemarketing, B2B Tele-Sales, Sponsorship Sales, Exhibit Sales and Audience Acquisition needs.

At SalesFish we understand today’s complex U.S. business challenges and economies. As earlier mentioned on our main “B2B Tele-Sales” Web page, we’re not transactionally driven, and although we have a proven track record of generating more than 30 billion dollars in quantifiable sales opportunities for our Clients, we’ve an equally notable track record of assisting companies with their strategic planning, marketing (online/offline) and tactical marketing execution goals.

What this means to you as a potential SalesFish partner, should you choose SalesFish, is you’d gain the added benefit of a company that understands how to build world-class brands and organizations from the inside out. This guarantees you’ll always obtain the added benefit of “high touch” strategic thinking from the first time you pick up the phone to speak with us. SalesFish’s sales and marketing senior cadre have decades of experience on both sides of the sales and marketing fence.

This insures true integrated sales and marketing accountability and all roads at SalesFish lead to our promise, which is to “Improve your Net” and “Return on Investment.” Isn’t that what sales and marketing should deliver?

At SalesFish we begin all campaigns with an initial assessment and due diligence conversation, which is then further expanded by collaboratively working through our “Improve your Net” document. Our primary objectives are to understand your organization’s brand, sales and service culture, messaging, value proposition and goals. It’s also our objective to ascertain whether your company’s goals and messaging are true, believable, relative and realistic.

We’re very adamant about sticking to our strategic sales approach and at SalesFish; we won’t take on just any opportunity. At SalesFish we truly believe in the new Sales 2.0 (virtual/U.S. outsourcing) world and believe it’s important to stay focused on those products and services which will thrive in any economy.

And while SalesFish is a national company with national reach we’re very much at home in California and the Pacific Northwest, serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland Oregon and the Seattle Washington business communities.

Call today and our “high-touch” dedicated team will assist you in assessing your strategic sales goals and tailor our B2B Inside Sales, B2B Telesales, B2B Telemarketing, Sponsorship Sales, Exhibit Sales, and Audience Acquisition services to your specific needs.

We invite you to “Improve Your Net” and ROI. Call today and get started!

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