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Welcome to SalesFish the most strategically -biased event management, event planning, event marketing, sponsorship sales, exhibit sales, and experiential event marketing agency.

May we humbly suggest that if you’re planning a tradeshow, user conference, road show, workshop, sales conference or experiential marketing event, choose us for your event management and event planning needs.

If you’ve never planned an event, we sincerely encourage you to hire an event manager or event planner. If you decide to go it alone, you’ll risk making critical mistakes along the way that will cost you time and money.

Whether your Experiential Marketing Event currently exists or shapes up as a Sales Conference, User Conference, Road Show, Workshop, Seminar or Trade Show, SalesFish and Event Ready have been executing Event Management and Experiential Event Marketing events for two decades.

We respectfully believe that when you’ve been in Event Management and Executing Experiential Marketing Events for as long as we have it says something about our ability to perform. And since our teams have been executing events for so long, we know how to perform together at the highest level, giving our Clients and or Event Planners a sense of ease, even under the most challenging of circumstances.

What also makes SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales and Event Ready, so unique is not only our abilities in Event Management for an Experiential Marketing Event, but our ability to build, brand and sell the event from conception to completion.

Whether your Experiential Marketing Event is in need of Event Planning, Event Management, Event Promotion, Event Registration (online/onsite), Event Technologies, Event Production, and or Event Sales, such as Audience Acquisition, Exhibit Sales or Sponsorship Sales, we’re Event Ready, “Every Event, Every Time.”

We also want to express to all those wonderful Event Planners & Event Managers who keep us busy, that we appreciate your loyalty to Experiential Event Marketing.

We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales say thank you and welcome your company or organization to join us and our Clients in the commitment to unwavering Strategic Event Management, Event Marketing, Marketing and Sales.

SalesFish and Event Ready’s NET of Event Management & Experiential Marketing Event Services:

  • Event Management and Event Registration (online/onsite)
  • Event Production (lighting, sound, staging, talent)
  • Event Marketing, Marketing, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Web Design
  • Event Sales, Sponsorship Sales, Exhibit Sales, Audience Acquisition Sales, Telemarketing, B2B Telesales and B2B Telemarketing

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