B2B Telesales and B2B Telemarketing - The SalesFish DistinctionCongratulations. Your company is growing at a rate that demands additional sales support. When contracting out any or all of your sales needs, it’s important to clarify the differences between B2B telesales and B2B telemarketing services. The answer often relies on your current situation.

The most important first step is to assess your immediate sales requirements. Do you simply need someone to create awareness? Or do you need an experienced fully dedicated sales agent who will represent your brand and solution to develop relationships and new clients?

B2B Telesales Team and B2B Telemarketing - The SalesFish Distinction (2)B2B telesales and telemarketing services require more than a simple transaction. In this case, your customer may still have questions and a bit of heavy-lifting is required by your sales agent in order to close the sale. It’s essential to employ sales agents who connect with buyers, understand the market, have sales savvy, and are quick to find solutions for your customers.

On the other hand, if you merely need script reading to introduce your product, then B2B telemarketing is probably your best bet. B2B telemarketing is typically a more transactional style of support. However, please use caution. When hiring a B2B telemarketing resource, check and ensure that they will appropriately represent your product or service. It would be a shame to have the sale perish before it can even begin.

B2B Telesales Team and B2B Telemarketing Call Center - The SalesFish DistinctionMany telemarketing companies outsource their talent and sometimes this means that their employees are working overseas. While there is often a savings in terms of hourly rate, you don’t want language barriers or lack of training to cost you sales and revenue in the long run. Even if you only require what seems like a rudimentary transactional service, employing overseas resources should be carefully considered before making a commitment to that approach.

Here at SalesFish, our sales agents are accustomed to making money so you will receive profitable results because of our high standards. Our agents are U.S.-based, highly-skilled, trained, and proven sales executives who can continue your upward trajectory (or turn it around, as the case may be). We often have companies solicit our skills after they have been disappointed by a less expensive and less effective prior attempt.

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