B2B Lead Generation and B2B Telemarketing with Your B2B Marketing Agency

B2B Lead Generation and Telemarketing Services Must Compliment Each Other

B2B Lead generation, demand generation, now there’s a couple of a buzz words for you. And depending on who you’re talking with it could mean a variety of things. For instance you might have an e-mail marketer that thinks just because 500 people opened up e-mails that constitutes as a lead. We say not so at SalesFish. When we say B2B lead generation we mean you have a qualified prospect that has shown legitimate interest in your company’s product or service.

Now how you get to a qualified lead is 100% about being strategic and understanding your target markets needs and wants and how they like to be communicated to. And then applying the right tactical marketing and sales (B2B lead generation) mix.

When it comes to B2B lead generation SalesFish believes in a fully integrated approach, which is why we offer brand marketing, digital marketing and B2B lead generation activities.

One tactic does NOT fit all, but having a clear understanding of how you’re going to integrate your B2B marketing and B2B lead generation tactics is the key to any successful marketing and B2B lead generation campaign. And most importantly is to test measure and monitor along the way.

We are quite aware of the many companies that struggle with internal marketing and sales integration, so that they can actually get a true picture of what their cost per lead is and what their overall ROI is on a specific marketing or B2B lead generation campaign. We hear a lot of people talking about cost per lead and ROI, but how can they truly measure if both marketing and sales aren’t connected. The answer is they can’t!

This is why all roads must lead to an “integrated” sales and marketing approach. This intersection is what SalesFish the B2B marketing agency brings to every partnership.

Your greatest intellectual competency is to integrate your marketing and B2B lead generation activities. And there should always be a collaborative relationship between marketing and sales departments.

This begins with understanding what your sales B2B lead generation goals and objectives are. Then familiarizing yourselves with who your target market is and how they like to be communicated to. These basic steps form the foundation for a winning B2B marketing and B2B lead generation strategy.

In our experience once an organization has fully integrated their sales and marketing teams (strategies) it truly is their “Ah ha” moment. We are dumbfounded at why so few companies actually integrate their marketing and sales activities completely. It’s the essence of being a world-class sales and marketing organization, which leads to BRAND.
Our relentless mantra at SalesFish is let sales and marketing integration not be a platitude, but a fulltime obsession to realize!

Stay tuned for more relevant content on creating world-class B2B Lead Generation, B2B Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services and B2B Marketing Agency Strategies. We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales say thank you for joining us in our commitment to unwavering strategic planning, B2B brand marketing and B2B sales execution.

Call today and let our team of experienced professionals assist you in assessing your B2B sales goals, so we can create a successful campaign to fit your specific ROI.

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