SalesFish Sales: B2B Telesales vs. B2B Telemarketing (Telemarketing Services)

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If your organization wants to outsource any or all of your sales activities it’s important to note that there is a huge difference between B2B Telesales and B2B Telemarketing.  B2B Telemarketing can be transactional in nature.  It’s usually executed by transactional sales professionals in a transactional sales environment.  B2B Telemarketing is best used when you need basic cursory follow-up calls, due diligence or simpler call dispositions.

If you hire a B2B Telemarketing company and you suspect an unseasoned transactional environment, then you should listen to your gut.  This is especially true if you consider offshore resources. The challenge with offshore resources, while they may be cheaper, they may not be realistic for high touch front-line sales activities.  And they’re not versed in understanding our U.S. markets and the variety of psycho-graphics and business dynamics used in selling to U.S. markets. If you need “basic call dispositions” then as earlier stated, consider an offshore resource very carefully.

Regarding B2B Telesales activities and Telemarketing Services, these require strong tenured sales acumen, knowledge of the market segment, building relationships, and solution-selling as opposed to commodity-driven sales.  The bottom line is to know the flavor of your sales when considering outsourcing your sales activities.  Outsourcing is great in many business circumstances if done strategically, rather than just trying it out in an ad hoc fashion.

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