A Dynamic Connection: B2B Telemarketing Companies & Sales Leads

A Dynamic Connection: B2B Telemarketing Companies & Sales Leads

Some telemarketing companies operate their B2B telemarketing with a scatter-shot approach and claim this approach results in qualified, viable sales leads. At SalesFish, we disagree.

First of all, what qualifies as a legitimate sales lead? Secondly, what strategies are necessary in order to garner sales leads? A legitimate sales lead is one in which you have taken the time to gather enough information about the customer to have a productive, reciprocal conversation with them. You’re ready to provide them with applicable details to assist in their selection of the right products or services.

Viable sales leads are available after you’ve done some research and before you even pick up the phone, draft an email, or post something online. In our experience, B2B telemarketing services and sales leads work in concert with one another. First, evaluate your target market and ensure that you thoroughly understand their requirements and requests. Next, employ a purposeful, strategic sales and marketing tactical strategy.

At SalesFish we practice and promote integration. We strategically don’t prescribe to a one-size-fits-all, but SalesFish does encourage a clear, disciplined approach of how B2B marketing and B2B sales leads work together. Start off by understanding your own company’s value so that you can learn about your customer’s needs and wants and position/provide them with the perfect solution(s).

What are your goals and objectives? The key to understanding how to integrate your B2B telemarketing and B2B lead generation starts with appraising and observing “responses” along the way. Once you understand where you’re headed and then align your sales and marketing departments, we often hear, “Well, why didn’t we do this sooner?” These are our sentiments exactly.

Occasionally, some companies are hesitant to hire SalesFish as a B2B lead generation provider. One common impediment is cost-related; in other words, will it be worth the expense? This is almost impossible to ascertain when sales and marketing are disconnected within your own company. How can you measure cost-per-lead if you are unclear of the ways in which your sales and marketing departments are impacting one another?

We arrive at SaleFish’s sweet spot: The intersection of B2B sales and marketing. Where other telemarketing companies fall short.

Get in touch and we’ll customize an integrated connection between marketing and sales, one that has resulted in over 30 Billion in quantifiable sales.