Five Essentials For A Successful Wellness Program

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You want to get a wellness program up and running in your organization. But without these 5 essential elements, your efforts will be wasted!

According to the numbers, wellness programs don’t seem to work too well. Not because they don’t actually work. In fact, in a broad range of studies, five common traits were found in successful wellness programs.

Let us show you how you can ensure that your company develops a healthy, successful culture of wellness.

  1. Clear messaging and company-wide outreach from your organization’s leadership

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the head controls the body, so it is with your company or organization. As the CEO/President/Management, your attitudes and actions will have a trickle-down effect. If you lead, your organization will follow.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world”.

  1. Convenience and accessibility

It’s simple, if you make wellness activities accessible, they’re more likely to be used.

It doesn’t make any sense to sign up for an executive program at the snazzy gym that’s half way across town. When people get off work, they have lives to live, children to feed, spouses, extra-curricular activities. In today’s crazy pace, there never seems to be enough time.

Plus, a lot of people like to squeeze in a workout at lunch. If they can. A forty-five minute drive to the gym, plus the workout and forty five minutes back doesn’t quite fit into that hour long lunch break.

  1. Prioritization by Senior Management

Bluntly put, if Senior Management doesn’t care, the folks below them won’t care. This ties in with the first point. We’ve all heard about how things tend to roll downhill. It starts at the top, then trickles down to management.

Statistically, this is one of the strongest factors in facilitating a successful wellness program. Senior Management is closer to the people in your organization who you’re trying to influence for good. Managers can be more hands-on, encouraging and guiding people to the resources they need.

  1. Leveraging Existing Health Plan Resources

A cursory search of the top four major insurers show that 4 out 4 of these companies offer valuable Wellness resources for their clients.

These can vary from flyers and brochures promoting employee wellness to on-line programs that can execute health assessments and improvement programs. There are also on-site assessments like flu immunizations and biometric screenings.

They often offer special rates and wellness coaching and classes.

  1. Employee Feedback

Approaching wellness with a continued quality improvement attitude is valuable in and of itself. But soliciting feedback from your employees is invaluable.

If some aspect of your program is not working, ask your employees. They’re the ones that we want to see gain improvements. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Your employees will be the ones taking of advantage of the program. There may be factors that you cannot see. So, give them a little empowerment and a voice, implement the change or changes, then watch your organization get better and better.

Making wellness a priority in your workplace means healthier, happier and more valuable employees.

And that’s good for everyone.


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