Business to Business Telemarketing

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What is Business to Business Telemarketing?

Simply put, it’s one company selling to another company.

The dynamics and nuances in B2B telemarketing vs. Consumer Telemarketing are very different. It requires a more sophisticated approach, or what we call at SalesFish a “high touch” approach.

Today’s business professionals are saturated with information, e-mails and vendors looking to sell their wares. This makes it even more critical for the sales professional to be prepared.

Your company and whatever product or service you’re selling must have a strong “value proposition,” one you can pitch in seconds, not minutes.

It also requires pre-call planning so that you understand who you’re calling on and why they might specifically need your product or service. No business professional has time to listen to an unprepared business to business telemarketing sales agent babble or “data dump” on them.

We found that 90% of the time if you show respect for a target prospect’s time and are prepared to reflect the value proposition and benefits of your product or service in less than a minute, you earn the right to continue the dialogue with your prospect.

Real professionals do not like sloppy business people who don’t come to the call prepared. People buy from people they like and respect.

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