When it comes to drive, our Chief Strategy Officer, Ken Schmitz has only one mode and that’s full speed ahead. If you have a conversation with him, he might slow down long enough to tell you that he’s moved organizations from Point A to Point ROI faster than you can say “business development.” Many of his portfolio companies have seen a minimum of 20% growth and a maximum of 1,000%.

He was recently interviewed about our approach towards creating logos for our clients and had these words to say.

When a company comes fully loaded with their corporate identity, presumably from a company like Logojoy, it means 99% of the branding (selling) equation is already solved. It’s helpful in that all creative and communications moving forward will reflect their existing identity and promise.

We start by having every customer fill out our “Improve Your Net” strategic due diligence document which asks a multitude of marketing and sales questions about their brand, how they sell, SWOT analysis, future goals etc. See the flowchart below for further information.

SalesFish internal processes flow chart

Clients call us because they want to increase their sales and take their brands to the next level.  This is when we have them fill out our “Improve Your Net” strategic due diligence document. From there we can intelligently strategize with them on their marketing, sales and how they will sustain their next level of growth.

Our personal mission is to move our clients in the right direction and we promise to improve their net. Because of this we do absolutely everything in our power to give them the finest and most professional service we possibly can so they not only meet their goals but exceed them.