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Outsourced Sales

The corporate landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, including perspectives on what “best business practices” really means to an organization.

In 2017, we are operating in a business ecosystem that is considerably different than that of just six years ago. Companies have become much more agile with the adoption and progression of cloud-based technologies. If you were relying upon a LAN, WAN or telecom system based on some sort of legacy system, poof, those days are gone forever.

Every productivity tool that a world-class sales professional would need to be successful in their job today is now readily available through a variety of cloud-based applications. This means sales availability and connectivity are real-time…anywhere…at any time.

This accessibility also plays a significant role in the recruitment of talent. Accessing and utilizing talent is not limited to a specific geographical location. Progressive organizations are flourishing by casting a wide net and not limiting their operation to the confines of “brick and mortar” facilities. This is all made possible through major advances in sales tools and technologies.

These technology advances are also causing companies to change their paradigm on expanding outsourcing sales activities for various “touch points” in their sales cycle. And in some cases, even considering outsourcing the whole sales cycle.

At SalesFish, we embrace the fact that companies are in business to increase profits, and in some cases, stock valuation. This drives our unapologetic insistence on a strategic approach to maximizing your internal resources as well as efficient and productive outsourcing. For us, the end game is always lowering the operational cost necessary to produce sales.

Reducing costs is one of the more attractive advantages of outsourcing the sales function. We receive dozens of calls from senior executives every week looking at the concept of outsourcing sales because they’re frustrated with trying to maintain a performance-driven sales force. Our encouragement to them is that if they can’t maintain a performance driven sales culture, then that’s a green light to seriously consider outsourcing some portion of their sales process.

The only caveat we would add is: DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! There are dozens of sub-par, smile-and-dial telesales organizations that are willing to take your credit card over the phone while promising you the world. The problem is that often they are more interested in your credit card number than they are in fulfilling their promises. Remember, sales is the lifeblood of your company’s success, so don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. The best value is always going to be a partner that is committed to performance and delivering results…

Stay tuned for more relevant content on creating world-class digital marketing strategies and B2B telemarketing sales strategies. We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales thank you for joining us in our commitment to unwavering strategic planning, B2B brand marketing and B2B sales execution.

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