In today’s highly-competitive business environment, your company is expected to be able to handle myriad tasks on the path to success. One of these tasks is maximizing the sales pipeline with lead generation and other sales functions.

Unfortunately, inside sales teams often struggle to make inroads, including identifying qualified leads, entering new markets, or closing deals. Your in house sales team can do only so much, and many factors influence the results those teams are able to produce.

The same applies to in-house marketing teams, who may often lack the expertise or resources to get the most from their campaigns.

What if there was a way to supercharge your sales process and marketing campaigns in a cost-effective manner with a solution that goes far beyond internal sales techniques? The answer is outsourced sales and marketing.

In this guide, we will explore what outsourcing of sales and marketing means and how this outsourcing represents a value proposition for small firms and large corporations alike.


Is Your Sales Process Holding Your Company Back?

It is no secret that sales is the driving force behind business growth. Sales professionals are expected to possess a wide range of skills and experiences, including the ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Your in-house team may not have all of the sales skills required, or your inside sales reps may not have the budget, time, or resources to close deals.

Are you having difficulty entering a new market, making cold calls, or making connections with lead generation? Challenges in internal sales processes do more than slow your potential growth; they can put your company at risk.

Don’t let your sales team keep you from achieving your goals. With sales outsourcing, you can overcome any challenges you face with a small sales team that cannot produce the results you need to thrive in competitive marketplaces.

Sales Outsourcing 101: Essential Information

What is sales outsourcing? In simple terms, it is the process of hiring a dedicated sales team working externally to help your company get the most from your sales pipeline.

An outsourced sales partner and its sales reps works toward building relationships for your company using a range of strategies and tools, including:

Social selling — leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to create connections on social media.

Outbound calling — generating leads through cold calls and by identifying new customers.

Appointment setting — closing deals with qualified leads generated in social and outbound calling campaigns.

Communication — extending your marketing efforts with timely and engaging communication tools.

What is Outsourced Marketing?

The modern marketing environment presents unique challenges to companies of nearly every size and type. In addition to traditional marketing channels like television, radio, and print, your marketing team now has to possess the skills needed to help you remain visible in search results, leverage social platforms, and gain access to new geographies.

Is your in house team capable of producing the results you need to create and maintain a strong brand voice? If the answer is no, an outsourced marketing team is one of the best ways to supercharge your advertising and marketing efforts.

Just like an outsourced sales team, your outsourced marketing team is comprised of marketing experts with the tools, connections, and strategies you need to stand out in your industry. When you outsource marketing, you are getting the benefits of a dedicated marketing firm, allowing you to produce results in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Can your internal team boast those incredible benefits?

Benefits of Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Outsourced sales and marketing solutions have helped thousands of businesses build lifetime value by bringing in new leads, capitalizing on emerging sales opportunities, and streamlining the sales process.

Benefits of outsourced sales and marketing include:

  • Control of operational and overhead expenses over your entire sales process
  • Improving sales efforts with cutting-edge tools and strategies
  • Scaling your outsourced team to meet emerging needs
  • Freeing your internal team to focusing on business-building efforts
  • Accomplishing higher level tactical tasks that internal teams often struggle to complete
  • Gaining access to behavioral data and key performance indicators that help your sales efforts thrive
  • Reducing the costs associated with internal hires; hiring and training of a small team represents one of the highest expenses associated with building out your sales force.

The key takeaways of outsourced sales and marketing are many. In simple terms, an outsourced team helps you save time as you maximize revenue for your business.

Choosing an Outsourced Sales Team

When evaluating an outsourced sales team for your business, what are the key indicators you should look for? Here are some tips:

  • How is lead qualification handled? A outsourced sales team uses proven strategies to qualify leads, helping you to save time and money with quality leads that increase sales.
  • What are the key performance indicators used to improve revenue streams? What data is being collected and how is it used to create an actionable plan for boosting your sales efforts?
  • What do other customers say about the quality and care of the outsourced sales team? Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can help you make informed decisions about which team to select for your business needs.

Firms that outsource sales functions to a dedicated team of sales professionals gain valuable benefits in lead generation, deal closure, and revenue growth. Can your business afford to “make do” with an internal sales team when outsourced sales solutions are at your fingertips?

Getting the Most With an Outsourced Marketing Team

The marketing environment is constantly shifting, with new tools and strategies developed on a weekly basis. What worked in the past may no longer be sufficient to produce the results your business needs to grow.

Outsourced marketing teams are able to leverage those new tools and strategies, helping you to reach the customers that are the foundation of success in your industry. Think of an outsourced marketing partner as your company’s own marketing firm, allowing you to reduce overhead costs while generating superior returns on your investment.

Final Words on Outsourced Sales and Marketing Teams

Outsourcing sales functions to a service provider makes financial sense. The same applies to your marketing needs with an outsourced partner to assist you in penetrating new markets or expanding your business.

An outsourcing firm is comprised of sales and marketing experts who have the tools, the training, and the strategies you need to succeed in competitive marketplaces. Companies of all sizes and types gain valuable benefits from outsourcing sales or with outsourced marketing teams, letting you concentrate on what your business does best: meeting the needs of your customers.

Outsource Sales and Marketing for Your Needs

SalesFish offers superior outsourced sales and outsourced marketing solutions for your company whether you are a large enterprise or small business. From lead generation to stimulating revenue growth and building relationships, our outsourced sales and marketing professionals deliver results.

Reach out today and learn how we can help.