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For years now, we’ve heard “Content is King,” with the result that myriad businesses have dumped considerable time and money into “Content Marketing.” Indeed, good content is key to a successful marketing strategy; the problem is that now, “everyone” is doing it! The marketplace is cluttered with a dizzying, ubiquitous cloud of great content, diluting the efficacy of any particular business’s efforts to be noticed.

Content may be king, but without engagement, there is no kingdom to rule! What is engagement, you may ask? It is what the “Wizard of Ads,” Roy H. Williams refers to as being more interesting than the thought currently occupying someone’s mind. Engaging your audience means, first of all, being impossible to ignore so that you can get their attention above all the competing voices, and then most importantly, making an impact on their emotions. All decisions are emotional, and the logical mind justifies the decision.

Here are three steps to engaging your audience so that your awesome content (a given these days) has a chance of leading you to sales conversions:

  • Get Attention: No, we’re not talking about the “sad little attention getters,” as Williams calls them—all caps, bright colors, loud noises; we’re not talking about cheap interrupters most people will despise. What you need are relevant messages communicated in a way that’s very different than how your competitors are communicating. Geico brought slapstick humor into car insurance, Old Spice upped the ante ad ridiculum to catapult a musty old brand to dominance. To break the cognitive filters every human being’s mind on the planet puts up to protect them from information overload, you absolutely have to stand out. Go against the grain—and, by the way, avoid clichés like, “go against the grain!”
  • Inspire: Not every ad has to be a tearjerker, or a goose-bump generator; you can also inspire laughter, anger—any number of emotions. The important thing is that you do inspire emotion in your audience. If you can cultivate the right response, you’re 75% of the way to the sale.
  • Engage with your audience: Know your audience, speak their language, and then interact with them. It is essential for any business to make their audience feel important, listened to, understood. All politics aside, Gillette reported an $8 billion loss, mainly due to their recent “toxic masculinity” ads. Without taking sides on the issue, and from a purely marketing standpoint, offending your base (mainly men) is not a good idea. Uphold your principles and beliefs privately; when it comes to your company, serve your audience as a trusted brand that accepts them for who they are. Gillette has tried to foist change upon their audience, but the result was that their audience changed brands!

Is Content Marketing still relevant? Is content still king? Yes to both. However, making your content engaging gains devoted followers for the king!

Call SalesFish today and our high-touch, dedicated team will assist you in assessing your strategic sales goals, and the marketing and sales tactics best suited to your specific needs. And, yes, we will also advise you on the best A.I. tools that actually work and complement the real people in your business!

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Call today and our “high-touch” dedicated team will assist you in assessing your strategic sales goals to tailor our marketing and sales tactics to your specific needs.

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