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In our last discussion we spoke about the definition of branding and the importance of creating positive emotional ties with your company’s product or service.  While creating your company’s emotional ties, you must consider your brand promise as the very foundation of your brand and its identity. 

All brands seek to behold a promise in the mind of their target market.  This means your brand promise must be true and relative to your target audience as well as something you can back up. Let’s use a great example of BMW and their Ultimate Driving Machine brand promise.  If BMW was less than ultimate in their performance and service, how would their promise fair with their customers?  BMW wouldn’t exist as a top tier player in the automotive space. 

Great brands learn to deliver from the inside out.  They also have more stamina in a down economy.  And while I’m certain BMW took a hit during our current economy, we don’t see a lot of negative press on them.  True brands stand the test of time.  They understand the discipline it takes to not only communicate their promise, but to back it up from the time a prospect speaks with a sales professional, through the customer acquisition process and most importantly all service and support processes.

Does your company or organization currently have a brand promise?  Is it something true, relative and believable to your target audience?  How did you create your brand promise? 

Stay tuned for the path to creating a solid brand promise.  We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales thank you for joining us in the commitment to unwavering strategic marketing. Learn first hand what an elite Telemarketing Services team can bring to your B2B Lead Generation goals.