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In marketing the word brand is probably the most misunderstood word in the marketing dictionary.  Many marketing practitioners assume just because they’re spending millions on pretty pictures and tactical ad-hoc marketing, they’re branding.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Branding is a disciplined process.  Brands don’t happen by accident.

A brand, formally defined, is an emotional tie one has with a product or service.  And all brands seek to behold a promise in the mind of their target market.  For example if you wear my running shoes you can Just Do it (Nike), or if you drive my car you enjoy the Ultimate Driving Experience (BMW), or if you use UPS, they ask What Can Brown Do For You Today?

Who’s the first to come to mind when you think fast food?  If you said, “McDonalds” then you know that branding is physiological.   Once a brand enters and owns the mind of their target market they forever own that mind space.  This is why branding doesn’t happen by accident.  It must be executed through a disciplined process of Strategic Marketing.

If your organization desires to be brand driven rather than commodity or transactional driven, then get ready to say NO a lot.  Say NO to ad hoc marketing and communications and NO to marketing that isn’t measured and integrated with SALES & SERVICE.

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