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In our last post we discussed the importance of creating sales goals and asked the question, “Do you currently have a strategic marketing plan?” Sales and marketing are meant to be integrated working together in tandem.  Marketing is the “pull” and sales is the “push.”  Unfortunately, in many corporate environments there is a disparity between marketing and sales.  There shouldn’t be, but you might be surprised at the lack of integrated communication between the two departments. And while marketing probably thinks sales’ purpose is to serve them it’s completely the opposite.

The marketing department’s job is to “pull” in the leads using both online and offline marketing tactics.  The sales department’s responsibility is to create the credibility, relationship and in the end close the deal and acquire a new client. In our humble opinion most organizations should spend less money on their marketing budgets and more on regular training, team building and internal communications. This would assist in the complete integration of both the marketing and sales departments as well as foster best business sales practices.  This would also mitigate the potential for wasted monies on ad hoc marketing and sales campaigns. In the end, isn’t it our goal to build a world-class company (brand) and SELL profitably?

Achieving our sales goals truly does start from the inside out.  And, very much like a Super Bowl-winning football team, the offense and defense both have to understand their respective roles in their playbooks if they intend on smashing their competition.

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