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In nature, as in business, there is an invisible web of energy containing intricate and often surprising connections between seemingly unrelated parts. Science, for example, is discovering numerous amazing interactions between plants in local communities. If one plant is attacked, it secretes various chemical messengers through the soil and air to help neighboring plants prepare and defend themselves.

Connections like these, often unnoticed by the average person, help members of a community thrive because of energy and information from various sources. Others may languish if they are not involved in enough local synergistic energy exchange. The same can occur in the digital world, which has a huge impact on the ability of your business to thrive and sustain momentum.

How well are you leveraging your interconnections and communications in the digital realm?

National businesses with huge budgets and nationwide connections sometimes intimidate local businesses. But, at the local level, the advantage can be gained by the little guy—for who has a better sense of the local community than a local business?

Local businesses can leverage their unique community insights and networks in order to generate valuable search traffic, and build brand visibility in their communities. One of the very best ways to do this is through high-quality content tailored to powerfully impact local search engine results and follower engagement.

Many businesses miss out on easy opportunities to develop valuable content and recognition based on their participation in or sponsorship of community events. A local bike shop could blog about and share on social media their sponsorship of a triathlon with hashtags included. The post could discuss how the bike shop can help with training for a triathlon, due to their various championships in bicycle racing, training expertise, and cutting-edge equipment. After the event, the blog could display pictures of participants, perhaps mentioning that some of them have gotten coaching by the shop in cutting-edge interval training.

Local business owners tend to get involved in local causes and organizations, and blogs and social sharing are great ways to promote this involvement. For instance, the bicycle shop may be advocating for a bike path that would make it easier for clients to avoid traffic and get to the store more safely when riding their bikes. A blog post focusing on an upcoming meeting in a local neighborhood can not only help raise awareness for the cause, but it can also raise the profile for the bicycle shop by capturing searches related to the local bike path. Promoting events can extend audience awareness of a local business by leveraging locally trending topics on various social media. This gives your local content the opportunity to be exposed to the extended network of your clients and customers, reinforcing your brand’s relevance in the interconnected digital community.

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