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It happens to everyone. You reach an impasse. End of the maze, and there’s no cheese; no way out. You keep trying to solve a problem, and the “solution” keeps failing. You’re ready to throw up your hands and say, “this can’t be solved!”

But most things can be solved, if you break out of linear thinking and approach the issue from an entirely new perspective. The problem is that we are all susceptible to “mental gridlock,” or getting so fixated on limited perspectives, that we can’t see our way to creative solutions.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the truck that got wedged beneath an overpass. Law enforcement arrived. Should they try and cut the top off the truck? Engineers showed up and talked of dismantling a section of the bridge. Intense conversations ensued.

Then a little boy walked up, tugged on a police officer’s sleeve and said, “Why don’t you just let the air out of the tires?”

Teddy Roosevelt, one of the greatest and most beloved presidents of all time, was also a great father. He often played a game with his children where they would pick a landmark in the distance with the objective of reaching it in a straight-line route. To achieve this, the kids (and the portly president) would have to go over, under, or through whatever lay in their path. He loved the game so much that he once recruited a visiting ambassador to join in the fun.

Teddy was teaching his kids that overcoming obstacles to attain a goal requires creativity, perseverance, and the willingness to do unconventional things rather than give up on the goal.

Survivalist, Bear Grylls said, “The appeal of the wild for me is its unpredictability. You have to develop an awareness, react fast, be resourceful and come up with a plan and act on it.”

Resourcefulness is the ability to clever ways to overcome difficulties.

The Greeks couldn’t beat the Trojans, so they built a wooden horse.

Avis Rental Car Company couldn’t compete with the Hertz brand, so they came up with the tagline, “We try harder.”

Geico brought humor into the humdrum world of insurance advertising.

A small business owner who couldn’t afford a billboard, co-advertised with two other business and divided the costs three ways.

Next time you’re facing a challenge or needing to solve something, do one simple thing: put a hold on any solutions you’ve been implementing and approach the problem from an entirely different angle. Maybe you just need to let the air out of the tires or build a wooden horse.

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