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To: Wormwood
From: Screwtape
Subject: Making the Patient Invisible

My Dear Wormwood,

You will of course pardon the recent pause in my communications. I trust you have been keeping up with your duty to make the patient stumble. Need I remind you of the consequences, should his business thrive? I think not.

You have done a reasonable job of influencing the patient to buy into the present zeitgeist: An unbalanced focus on sales and marketing to the near exclusion of branding. Branding is the process of strategically creating coordinated words and images to make an indelible impression on the human psyche. Branding should be a continual creative endeavor, though I’m glad to say that most think of it as a one and done. How sweet are the words, “I’ve done my branding.”

Look around you…everywhere, outdated logos, names without taglines, ad campaigns that go straight for the jugular without any style or strategy. It’s laughable! The patient thinks he can “get by” because his branding is “done.” That’s exactly what we want him to think!

Technology is moving so fast that the human mind has developed coping mechanisms to deal with the constant barrage to the senses. To survive in a visually-cluttered marketplace, the brain automatically ignores what it’s already seen. As the enemy would say: If you’re not innovating, you’re invisible. Only the constantly creative will survive.

Keeping the patient stuck in the blind spot of commerce is simple. Continue encouraging him to obsess on marketing for the sale, while virtually neglecting his brand. The more obscure and outdated his brand becomes, the harder he will work for ever-diminishing returns. In time, he will achieve complete invisibility and slide into oblivion, buried by more relevant brands.

Your affectionate Uncle,


P.S. The Patient must not be allowed to work with the enemy (He is a mighty warrior of that Intrepid full-service marketing agency in Bend, Oregon). He wields a powerful sword of creativity that cuts right through the clutter.

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