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Have you asked if blogs are really effective, if they’re worth the time? Consider your print advertising, perhaps you use mailers, or TV and radio advertising. You’re not going to sit idly by and hope your clients just walk right into your door without any prompt–they’ll go straight to your competition. The same goes for your website. If you’re not blogging yet, or not frequently enough, you’re not using your blog effectively. Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy:

  1. Your website will rank higher on search engines. Websites do better on search engines when there are more indexed pages. If you have a company website with just 10-30 pages, you’re missing out. Frequent blogging adds more pages to your website for Google to index. Adding just 50-100 pages to your website via blogging can increase your lead generation in the double digit range. (Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/5806/Study-Shows-More-Pages-Indexed-by-Google-Means-More-Leads.aspx)
  2. Build trust with your leads and customers. A blog gives your leads and customers a reason to continue to return to your website. This is your area to shine on the Internet: Write your blog in a way that shows your expertise in your field, be interesting about the content you offer, and they’ll continue to return. This will build trust with your leads, and will help nurture current customer relations. It is less expensive to retain a customer than it is to search for new ones.
  3. Use your social platforms to promote your blog content. You already have a pool of customers and leads watching your social media accounts. Post your blogs onto your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to generate more traffic to your website. This casts the net wider than just posting the blog alone, and even better, to an already-captive audience.

Blogging doesn’t need to be a daily activity, but it should be frequent enough to add pages that Google can index. If blogging isn’t’ a regular activity yet, shoot to post at least three blogs per week until you’ve added 50+ pages to your website. At that point you can slow down to something that suits your company’s needs. Your blog will soon have leads coming back for more, and keep your current customers interested in what you have to offer.

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