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This week’s topic came by way of a Meetings and Conventions magazine (M&C). I was gratefully enjoying my lunch on Monday along with my March issue of M&C.  And there it was: an article on theming events. The article stated that 39% of the survey respondents agreed that theming an event enhanced an event greatly, with 40% saying somewhat and 16% stating not significantly.  This immediately provoked my strategically biased disposition:  how about the importance of branding an event?

Instead of coming up with a different theme each year, how about branding our event from the onset?  Great branded events already realize this.  You’ve probably attended an annual event that’s been going on for years that bears a title-branded name, but not necessarily a theme.  For example, the technology industry is famous for annual conferences such as the Oracle Open World, Cisco’s Networkers, and Microsoft’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), etc.


When we create an annual event, we should name (brand) it well from the beginning.  Ideally it should include an event brand promise (tagline).  An event brand promise should be relative to the benefits we’re promising to attendees each year.  For instance, we executed an event targeted towards medical professionals.  “A Better Practice, A Better Life” was the tagline.  Can you guess the benefit of our event?  Our promise was to assist clinicians in their quest to maintain excellence as well as profitability in their practices.

Once you’ve gained the trust of your target audience and attendees, the only thing we really need to theme is relative content each year. It should be content that our attendees have come to trust and see as relative to their business needs. Usually a great branded event along with a great venue brand working together will more than adequately suffice to create a strong emotional tie with your attendees.  This emotional tie will keep them coming back every year because they’ve come to trust in the world-class experience we consistently deliver. Learn first hand what an elite Telemarketing Services team can bring to your B2B Lead Generation goals.

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