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In 2015, email marketing is still an incredibly effective lead generation strategy. Unfortunately however, there are many myths and misinformation surrounding the practice. Here are some common legends you’ll hear about email marketing and the truth behind them.

  1. Young people are the most tech savvy, so you should primarily target them. The myth assumes that young people (18-25) are those who are most likely to use a mobile device, and as mobile devices are taking up such a large market segment, you should therefore be focused on young people. According to a report by Hubspot, the highest use of tablets is the 30 to 44 age group. In fact, for those 25 and under, they often prefer SMS subscriptions to email. Base the demographic you target on your individual market research and don’t be quick to rule out any age group.
  1. Once someone has opted in they are a loyal customer. Just because a reader has opted in it doesn’t mean that they’re loyal enough to purchase watch you’re selling. Nor does it mean that it will prevent them from unsubscribing in the future (sometimes immediately). Email marketing is a long haul game, make sure you are constantly generating value and fostering the relationship in order to ensure brand loyalty amongst your subscriber list.
  1. Be careful with how many emails you send out. There are some people that believe that you need to give your customer space, only sending out emails once or twice a month. Sending out frequent emails, once a week or more, is unlikely to lead to higher unsubscribe rates and can actually significantly increase your revenue. Try to stay in frequent contact and even regularly ask for feedback from your list.
  1. An effective subjective line is key to email marketing success. Whilst a subject line is one of the most important aspects that leads to high open rates, there are other factors that contribute to the success of the overall campaign:
  2. Salesfish digital marketing 5 popular Email Marketing Myths Debunked Sender name
    Introductory paragraph
    Content length
    Content quality

    Take a holistic approach and focus on all of these aspects. I’ll also point out here that there are no golden rules regarding subject lines, an effective length and tone is dependent on your industry.

    1. Informative content is the most effective way to have people opt-in. While this is a reason many people may subscribe to your email least, there are other ways to generate opt-ins. Many readers will only look for discounts or tailored and exclusive offers. Others may be because of brand loyalty or the desire for product or service updates. Offer various incentives for readers to subscribe to your list if you want to cast a wider net and more effectively build your list.
    1. Images are preferable to text. A report by ExactTarget revealed that in fact, more than 60% of email clients have their images blocked by default. In order to craft an effective email, it’s usually safer to just personalise text and save images and video for your other platforms.

    There you have it, 6 common email marketing myths debunk. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments and if you have any experience with email marketing campaigns.

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