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The human mind is a strange thing.

Though we feel like we make decisions rationally and logically, the truth of the matter is that we very rarely do. In fact, most of our purchases are governed by feelings and later rationalized by facts and figures. That’s why data and research are so important to a successful sales strategy.

In business and marketing, we can leverage these mental loopholes to push potential customers in the directly of our products and services, rather than those of the competition.

Here are 7 cognitive biases that are used in marketing and sales, which can help you enhance your efforts.

  1. Anthropomorphism

It may be difficult to say, but it is easy to use.

Anthropomorphism is our innate tendency to give uniquely human qualities to objects, animal, and abstract ideas. This works because we are wired to recognize the human face and body – this is why we see faces in clouds.

It is often used in product design or branding when we give objects arms, legs, or eyes. Or saying that a certain car has more personality, or your cigarettes are cool.

  1. Rhyme as Reason Effect

This is where we take statements that rhyme as more truthful. A famous example of this was used by Johnny Cochran in the O.J Simpson trial, saying “if the gloves don’t fit, then you must acquit.”

  1. Reactance

This is where we do the opposite of what we perceive someone to want us to do, out of our inherent need for autonomy.

Apple used this in its early days with their ‘Think Different’ campaign. They promised to be something unique, non-conformist and out of the both. You can use this by suggesting your product as the autonomous alternative, while making the competition out to be the generic decision that they are ‘forced’ to buy into.

  1. Planning Fallacy

This is a simple bias whereby people underestimate how long it takes them to get a task done. For example if you sell a weight loss pill that promotes results in as little as 4 weeks, though there is a disclaimer that says some results may take months – the customer will always lean towards the 4 weeks.

  1. Contrast Effect

When one object is perceived as better because it is alongside an inferior object, this is the contrast effect. Marketers do this with before and after photos, and product comparisons.

  1. Bizarreness Effect

The bizarreness effect is when something is more memorable because it is strange. Putting one thing in an unfamiliar context is an example of this.

At its heart marketing is based on psychology. You can use these psychological tricks of the mind to great benefit. Let us know if you’ve had any success with these in the comments.

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