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Prospecting can be a complicated game, you need to figure out who needs your service and how you can best pitch it to them in a language that they understand. Often this is coming from a position in which you don’t have much leverage, particularly with regard to outbound leads. However, a very common mistake sales reps make is to focus too much on the needs of the client and not enough on their own.  Here are 6 questions to quickly figure out if a client is the right fit for you.

  1. What problem are you looking to solve with this service?

If a prospect isn’t clear on exactly why they want or need your services, this can be an issue further down the line. In the worst case scenario, you can provide top notch service and they aren’t satisfied, not because your work was poor – but because it’s difficult to meet expectations when the customer doesn’t have any. Establish pain points as soon as possible to ensure that you and the prospect are a right fit.

  1. What does your budget look like for this project?

This question is always overlooked right until the end of a prospecting call.  Usually either a salesperson is too timid to mention money or they just assume that they can work around the budget later on. This is a huge misconception. Clients who don’t have the budget either a) waste your time or b) expect far too much of you – it is much better that you refer them to someone else and try and establish a longer term relationship for potential work further down the line.

  1. Why do you want to address this problem now?

Knowing why the customer is interested can help you gauge how seriously they need your service. Likewise if there was a reason it wasn’t addressed before, maybe budget or a change in leadership, then you can better understand the nature of the organization you wish to work with.

  1. How would your firm decide do go ahead on this project? What would be your role in the process?

Here you basically want to try to figure out what obstacles are in your way. Is the person you are talking to the decision maker?  If not, you need to find out who is to minimize time pitching to the wrong person and bouncing around the firm.

  1. Are there any other solutions you are considering?

If you have any direct competition you need to know in order to structure an argument in your favour.

  1. How would you measure the success of this project?

There are many ways to measure the success of a project, but what is most important is that you are able to communicate that success to your client. Whether you look at return on investment (ROI) or return on objectives (ROO) you must ensure that the desires of the prospect can be met. They may want to make an extra $10000 a month in sales, whereas you’re looking to increasing conversion their rates by 30%. You have to be savvy enough to communicate the benefit in their terms.

Make sure to ask these 6 questions and you should be well on your way to qualifying the best leads for your business.

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