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While planning a quality sales campaign, the first thing you must ask is what are my goals?  Companies and people who strategically plan their goals SEE them fulfilled more often than not.  Set both short and long term goals.  You can usually achieve short term goals in 90 days or less.  These goals give your psyche the gratification and confidence to achieve your overall long term goals. Long term goals should be realistic and achievable.  It’s important that you have the data and intelligence to be accurate in your goal planning.  Once you’ve strategically and intelligently planned your goals, the next step is to understand how to achieve and support them.

In many cases if a company doesn’t assess what the composure of their company will look like once they meet their goals, they won’t have the “operational” container to sustain their growth.  This will lead to an organization in the client replacement business.  Does your company currently have a strategic plan detailing how to execute and grow?  Does your company have a detailed sales and marketing strategy?

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