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The world has gone Facebook, Twitter and Social Media insane.  Here at SalesFish we’re reminded of the .com days when online panacea was at its all time high and even worse was online best business practices.

At the time our B2B marketing agency often used the adage from the classic movie Field of Dreams, which had an ongoing whisper that simply voiced “build it” and they will come.

The question is do we have a plan for building “IT” or did we just decide to build “IT” because our “business neighbor” is doing “IT.”  Our comment is another famous cliché:  don’t be a follower, be a leader.

Yes, social media marketing can be a VERY powerful business tool, and not just for marketing purposes, but in everyday life.  At the same time the question we have to ask ourselves as B2B Marketers, is social media the right tool to communicate to a particular target audience?  And will it bring additional brand awareness that will ultimately end up in sales and profitability?  If not then it’s a total distraction and waste of your time.  As in all distractions to your business and bottom line, we say “Just Say No.”

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