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I wish Captain America were real…sigh. I must admit that he’s my favorite Marvel Avenger. He’s not as strong as Hulk, or as invulnerable as Iron Man; he can’t summon lightning from the clouds, but he’s absolutely honest, courageous and has a heart of gold. That’s why all the other Avengers look to him to lead them in battle. (Yes, I know. This is all kind of nerdy, but you know you love it!)

If you’ve seen the recent Captain America movies, you know that he didn’t always have biceps the size of a basketball. Steve Rogers started as a painfully skinny little chap who looked like a piñata purchased off the clearance rack at “Bullies-R-Us” full of Nerds candy, “kick me” notes and handy scotch tape for hanging them. But then, one day, little Stevie got injected with some sort of superhero juice and came out so ripped that he triggered a second Big Bang expansion just to accommodate the cosmic mass of his new pectorals.

Unfortunately, there is no magic injection that will bulk up your business overnight. However, you can grow your firm to heroic proportions with a very Captain-y tactic called the Call to Action (CTA).

According to Pawan Deshpande at www.ContenMarketingInstitute.com, “These simple, yet targeted, phrases are directly responsible for encouraging your audience to take a next step toward becoming a loyal customer, such as downloading your white paper, following you on Twitter, registering for your webinar, or sharing your content with a friend or colleague.” He adds that, “Without a call-to-action, content marketing efforts amount to little more than writing exercises. It’s not enough to publish useful information; you want readers to engage with you and take an action that will provide value for your business.”

A CTA typically takes the form of a highly visible button, sidebar or highlighted text that asks a site visitor to take a specific action. Here are three CTA tips you can take into business battle today.Captain America and the Call to Action optimize your website source contentmarketiginstitute.com

  • Know your target. Captain America hurls his heinous spinning shield of hurtitude with unerring accuracy because he sights in on his objective first. Determine the specific objective of your CTA—Is it to increase your sales conversions? Do you want more social media engagement? Have your CTA match your marketing goal and make sure it includes a link to make things easy for mere mortals.
  • Make it short and simple. Cappy’s not a complicated guy. Protect good; destroy evil. That’s pretty much it. Your CTA should be short and to the point—one brief sentence is best. For example, “Download our 10-page eBook,” or “Register for our free 1-hour webinar.” Specific, actionable language is just what the Captain ordered. “Sir! Yes sir!”
  • Match the CTA with the context. Now, Cap-Daddy knows how to accessorize. Whether he’s sporting his retro WWII outfit, or the new star-spangled Avengers suit, he matches his wardrobe to the decade at hand. Your CTA should relate directly to the content it accompanies on a particular page. If your page talks about the merits of your company’s lawn care services, offer turf tips or a free soil test. Don’t offer a guide to indoor hydroponics. That would be like our hero wearing flip-flops with his Winter Warrior spandex suit.

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