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In previous posts, we discussed the importance of discovering your brand’s promise.  For this week’s entry we journey back onto the trail and subject of strategic marketing.

One of the fundamentals of disciplined strategic marketing is research. Today we discuss creating a qualitative research campaign. Our first goal is to understand our target market and what we want to accomplish regarding qualitative research and getting in their head.

What is our methodology and how do we plan on obtaining the information we need from our target market?  By creating a quality survey instrument promoting questions invoking the mind of our target market. This instrument will reveal our target market’s specific emotions regarding their needs or wants concerning a particular product brand or services, etc.

Whether in person or on the phone, it’s important to have qualified marketing professionals executing the surveys. Like doctors, these professionals understand the process of obtaining qualitative information.

We also recommend for each survey instrument executed you pay the target a fee for their time.  Not only does this guarantee the quality of your campaign, it also speeds up completion time.

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