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“Branding” is often a misinterpreted word and concept. What is a brand? How do you create one? How do you cultivate customer loyalty to your brand? The short answer is that it is not haphazard—defining a brand requires strategic brand marketing.

Many times, a company will come to us having invested a great deal of time and money into building their brand. Investing more money or buying more advertisement space doesn’t guarantee results. Regrettably, it can sometimes have the opposite effect especially if your core message is getting lost in the process.

Let me back up for a moment. Branding essentially refers to the emotional connection you have with a product. So, for example, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup is Mmmmm, mmmmm good. Most people eat chicken noodle soup when they’re not feeling well so there’s an inherent (and effective) “you’ll feel better” within their message. When you drive an Audi car, you Never Follow. When you drink a Coca-Cola, you Have a Coke and a Smile. When you wear Nike shoes or apparel, you’re ready to Just Do It.

We call tissue paper Kleenex. When we search something on the World Wide Web, we say, “Just Google it.” Those connections, those emotional ties are not coincidences. They are the result of intentional, thorough strategic brand marketing.

Branding is a lot like minimalism—you keep removing until you arrive at its essence. So, get ready to par down. SalesFish can guide you drive your brand and we’ll measure the results with sales and service. Next, we’ll provide an outline for the SalesFish strategy to foster a first-rate brand.

Your brand promise is the cornerstone Defining Your Brand - The SalesFish StrategyWe’ve defined branding and discussed the necessity to provide an emotional connection to your brand. In our experience, THE BRAND PROMISE is the >cornerstone. Without it, it doesn’t really matter if you’re marketing effectively or you have the biggest and best placement as far as media buys. Here’s the key: Your brand promise must be accurate, and it must not just connect but also land with your target audience.

Let’s revisit Coca-Cola as an example. We’ve all had an experience Having a Coke and a Smile. Coca-Cola is not the #1-selling soft drink by accident. Many of us relate to the positive connection of family, friends, holidays, and fun to the Coca-Cola brand. Our connection and loyalty is evident to Coca-Cola through their sales reports.

The added benefit of a solid brand promise is that it can withstand bad press. How many of us have read the “test” that states if you submerge a T-Bone steak in Coca-Cola, the steak will disintegrate in 48 hours? Or perhaps you’ve seen the animated Polar Bear parody, claiming that Coca-Cola causes diabetes? Despite these negatives, an authentic brand promise remains intact.

Consistency is key here. Make certain that the message is constant at every level. For instance, the Coca-Cola broadcast television advertisement delivers the same message as the in-store display.

Let’s investigate your brand promise. Contact SalesFish today and find out what it’s like to have a team of strategic brand marketing experts elevate your brand.

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