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It looks like the marketing world is finally turning towards what SalesFish has been saying all along. And that’s that pretty pictures and clever ads aren’t going to do it anymore.

This just came into “The Pond” yesterday.

ADVERTISING TRENDS – from Nimble and Associates, Orange County

  1. Since January, advertisers are emphasizing Lead Generation not Branding.
  2. Broad use of social media has not produced effective cost-per-leads.
  3. Demographic shifts — Southwestern Hispanics 18-34 now prefer English.

The social media hype continues to be exposed. Who cares how many “likes” you have when it doesn’t produce leads. The answer is no one, but most marketing practioners aren’t slowing down enough to realize that they always need to be asking the same questions. What are my target market’s needs and wants and by what means do they like to be communicated to in the B2B business realm.

B2B marketing and sales strategies always come down to staying in tune with the fundamentals. What we do isn’t rocket science, but staying disciplined enough to say no to hype and distractions. Now therein lies the challenge.

The question is, who is your target market and what’s the most cost effective and impactful way to market to them.

You then test and measure those tactics tightly, whether it be digital marketing (SEO & SEM), traditional advertising, public relations, experiential event Marketing, B2B telemarketing etc…

So, just say NO to self indulgent fluffy marketing practices and say yes to intelligent brand marketing and B2B telemarketing services.

When it comes to B2B Lead Generation, SalesFish believes in a fully integrated approach, which is why we offer brand marketing, digital marketing, b2b telemarketing services and sales (B2B lead generation) activities.

Our relentless mantra at SalesFish is let sales and marketing integration not be a platitude, but a fulltime obsession to realize!

Stay tuned for more relevant content on creating world-class B2B Lead Generation, B2B Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services and B2B Marketing Agency Strategies. We at SalesFish Brand Marketing & Sales say thank you for joining us in our commitment to unwavering strategic planning, B2B brand marketing and B2B sales execution.

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