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Creating new content is an important piece of your ongoing B2B sales and marketing efforts. With that new content, there is one crucial element that should not be overlooked: images. When planning blog posts and email marketing, as well as social media posts, always remember the importance of the images you’re using.

An image can be a photograph, an infographic or an illustration. Photographs tend to be the most used, and for good reason. There are studies that show that posts with photographs are read twice as often as those without images. Google also favors the use of images in your blog posts. It will help boost your Google search rankings if the images are properly labelled. Photographs are fairly easy to obtain and only take a second to add to your blog post.

Infographics are a wonderful visual element to use in your brand marketing. They can provide valuable information, including statistics, in one glance. They’re easy to share across social media platforms, which can increase exposure to your brand. The downside of infographics is that they can be time-consuming to create, especially if you’re not an experienced designer.

There are several things to keep in mind as you begin using images in your digital marketing:

  1. Find a great image. There are many free stock photo sites that you can use to find quality images. Just remember when using these sources to give proper attribution to the photographer. Spending time to create your own images is the best option. This guarantees that your images are unique and you don’t have to worry about your clients seeing the same image on your post that they might find on another site.
  2. File names are important. When you upload your photo be sure to change the name of the file to something that easily identifies with the image.
  3. Don’t forget the alt-tags. Alt-tags are to images what SEO is to the copy of your post. The alt-tags are picked up by search engines and will help send traffic to your post based on the description used in the alt-tag. (If you’re not sure what an alt-tag is, when you put an image in your post and edit the image a pop-up will prompt you to enter a caption, title, and alt-tag. These are all optional fields, but filling them out is to your advantage.) Make sure that your alt-tag provides a clear, concise description of your image.
  4. Keep image quality in mind. Only use high-resolution images for your blog posts and online marketing. It’s easy to spot a poor quality photo and cutting corners in this area can derail your marketing campaign. Your phone may be filled with pictures you think are great images, but the resolution may not be correct for a website. Make sure to check before you post it.

Every blog post that you put on your website and every piece of online marketing should contain at least one high-quality image. If you’re not currently using images, start adding them in and see what a boost your stats will get from this simple step.

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